Lil Scrappy and Bambi Break Up

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lil Scrappy and Bambi break up? It was just months ago when Lil Scrappy took to his Instagram account to praise his new boo Bambi, and he even claimed that he actually believed Bambi was a better woman than his baby mama Erica Dixon.

Regardless, Shay Johnson still found a way back to Lil Scrappy’s side and Bambi was furious to learn Shay was spending time with Scrappy when she wasn’t around.

This led to a social media beef between both ladies, but in the end Bambi has decided she’s not willing to keep fighting for Scrappy.

Bambi took to Instagram to confirm that her romance with Scrappy has ended (screenshot obtained by Baller Alert):

lil scrappy and bambi break up



Interestingly enough, Bambi later deleted the photo but not before Lil Scrappy seemingly confirmed their romance was over too via his own Instagram account:

lil scrappy instagram

He writes in the caption:

I’m blessed an highly favored , there will b only fwd business not goin backwards


  1. You mean their FAKE relationship has ended? Well I’m sure it has since filming for the next season is just about over.

  2. I am not surprised at all. Until Lil Scrappy gets his momma issues under control, he will never be able to sustain a relationship with any woman except Shay (who I don’t think he really wants).

  3. It wasn’t going to last anyway Bambi is on to the next hustle.Scrappy is a immature little boy in a grown mans body. I bet Shay thinks she has won lol but I guarantee Scrappy still won’t upgrade her to main chick status. She will forever be the side chick.

  4. Scrappy y in the HELL would u date this bum b-tch she aint got nothing shes a broke a-s groupie looking for any body. The best u had was Erica. U got a bum b-tch that slept with FLAVA FAV boy go to the vet clinic and get your rabies shots. DEM TROLLS NASTY< MAMA DEE PLEASE SLAP HIM

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