Draya Calls out BBWLA ‘Child Support Recipients’

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Draya has already made it clear that she believes she is the star of “Basketball Wives LA” and she even feels that’s the main reason the other ladies on the show keep coming for her.

Not too long after she hinted that the BBWLA newbies were fired because they tried her, she’s now taking to Twitter to take even more jabs at her co-stars.

In fact, she thinks none of them can say much about her because they have to depend on child support checks to pay their bills while she has her own hustles.

In particular, she shaded Ariane Williams for inquiring about her past relationship with Ariane’s baby daddy DeShawn Stevenson.

She tweets (read tweets from bottom to top):

draya twitter

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  1. These reality stars take themselves way too seriously. They act like they are on Oprah Winfrey’s level when most of them are a check or two away from being brokel. LOL.

  2. Draya reminds me of NeNe because everyone has to come for her just to get any shine. People swear they hate NeNe too but they need her to get attention and have story lines (Kenya, Marlo). Isn’t that ironic?

    1. When you’re the star, the wannabes will come for you so they can take your spot. I peeped game about Kenya last season. She’s desperate. So are all these other birds on BBWLA. But they aren’t smart enough to spend more time on getting something outside of the show. You can go on Twitter now and see Kenya still tweeting about NeNe. She ain’t going to meetings or getting outside projects. But NeNe is on it. Watch her announce two big things coming up in the next couple of weeks. She knows you have to have more than a reality show. Draya gets it too.

  3. I’m not really a fan of Draya’s but I do agree that people seem to have an issue with her just for camera time. And she has come a long way. So I won’t knock her.

    1. Yeah I won’t go that far but she is minding her own business. Yet those girls can’t keep her name out their mouths.

  4. Draya may need to just stop doing the show. She seems to be over the drama that comes with it now and in a much happier place.

  5. I rooted for Draya in past seasons bc of how mean the ladies were to her, I still like Draya but she comes across as a little cocky(not really the word i wanted to use, but it will do)…..just do you Draya and let the hate being thrown at you speak for itself, defend yourself in a classy manner and move on….stay off twitter posting you biz girl.

  6. Draya cool but when did receiving child support become a bad thing, or something your supposed to be ashamed of. I work everyday and make good money and I receive child support from my kids father, havent missed a payment yet and we get along and Im grateful for that so to make that into something your supposed to be ashamed of is stupid and ignorant, you should be happy as well as lucky that some fathers are taking care of their responsibilities. Some women cant even get child support because some fathers run away from responsibilities, ducking and hiding, resorting to working under the table so that their is no paper trail, trying to escape paying child support, so that comment got under my skin but as far as the show goes, Draya is an attractive women who happens to be dating a football player and the other women besides malaysia are envious of that, and its painfully obvious, and to be that angry and upset because of another woman’s looks, body, or who she is dating/engaged/ or married to is ridiculous. their is enough plastic surgeons out here to build you a new you, so stop spending so much time and energy being mad at another woman’s blessings and get your’s.

  7. I wish Sundy, Jackie, and British will let go. Leave Draya alone. How are you going to call Draya out about Jackie’s daughter? Please! And Jackie doesn’t quite tell the truth.

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