Robin Thicke Not Giving up on Marriage to Paula Patton

Photo Credit: Kia Clay
Photo Credit: Kia Clay

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Earlier this week it was confirmed that Robin Thicke and Paula Patton were ending their longterm marriage, and details leaked yesterday suggesting Paula was the one to pull the trigger.

But now Robin’s camp is talking and they are claiming the singer still isn’t ready to end things with Paula. In fact, he’s even reportedly told the actress that he can show her that he can be a better husband, and he will do so by nixing his outrageous party life.

TMZ reports:

Sources connected with the singer tell TMZ … Robin desperately wants to save his marriage. We’re told he’s resuming his tour on Thursday where he’s performing in Washington D.C., but he will NOT go out on the town — something he liked doing in the past.

We’re told he wants to convince Paula he can change and be a good husband. The surreptitious a*s-grabbing is a thing of the past.



Apparently Robin’s main concern is raising their son in two separate households. Meanwhile, Paula’s people are claiming she won’t be changing her mind about their impending divorce.


  1. Well he didn’t think about saving his marriage or how his son would be affected while he was grabbing girls a-ses in pictures and kissing on random chicks in clubs. Good luck with this smh.

  2. So he had to embarrass her how many times before he realized just maybe he shouldn’t be kissing and groping other women in the club?!

  3. She’s not taking him seriously because he waited until she said she wanted a divorce to change. That says a lot about his character. She can do better.

  4. I like that he wants to fight for his marriage and her but i don’t like that this is coming on now that she wants a divorce. He shouldn’t have let it get this far and if his biggest concern was raising his son in 2 house holds then it would’ve never happened to begin with. I wish him luck with this tho cuz I really liked them together.

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