Orlando Scandrick Wants Draya to Quit ‘Basketball Wives LA’

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Draya has been quite busy Twitter beefing with her “Basketball Wives” co-stars as of late, but she takes pride in the fact that the reality show isn’t the only paycheck she gets.

However, it appears her boyfriend and Dallas Cowboys player Orlando Scandrick wants her to walk away from the show and sacrifice the paycheck because the show isn’t a good look.

Draya says during her recent interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood:

“You know what? I think it’s been really hard on my boyfriend. We watch it together and he’s came to the point already. It’s been episode one, we saw 60 minutes of what is going to be going on for 12 weeks and he’s like ‘You know what? I don’t think you should do this next year. How much are they paying you again? I’ll pay you double to sit your a*s on the couch.”


Despite Orlando’s disgust with her stint on the show, Draya says she’s not quite ready to move on:

“Well, I think that ‘Basketball Wives’ is my date to the prom so I gotta dance with her for a little bit because that’s who I came with. But I don’t have to go home to her at the end of the night. So I would like to do my own thing eventually. Once the ‘Basketball Wives’ train comes to a stop, I would like to graduate into the Draya Show and I’m already transitioning into that.”


  1. He’s right. She needs to walk away. All they do is go after her to get any camera time. It’s just not a good look for her if she wants to do more in her life.

  2. She needs to make sure she always has her own money coming in and never agree to him taking care of her because as we have seen over and over again, these athletes change their minds often.

  3. Draya needs to just play her cards right. Now will people really tune in if she had her own show? I don’t know about that. lol

  4. I think she should continue to do the show at least until she is married I mean all men want the woman to stop being in the public eye but then kick them to the curb in the public eye

    1. She should not quit. She is so cute and yes men like to keep women home and they move on. She has to have her own money.

  5. Hello
    Draya is a person whom has experience both sexes so why would a truly straight person seek her out, this man ie footballer is gay, A real man would not sit next to a person on TV Land and speaks in on a person a black women, as I said before This Man is Gay She is his beard, Yes this happens often he can’t trust any one and His friend who he spoke of is his companion Yes ……. Pay attention ……..She getting paid for her PR Work……Draya is a gun for hire yes with all do respect to the Dallas Cowboys…….take a look at his manner when ask ?? Hello

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