BBWLA Newbie Brittish Williams’ Fiancé Gets Put on Blast

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Basketball Wives LA” newbie Brittish Williams said on a recent episode of the reality show that she didn’t care if her fiancé Lorenzo Gordon cheated, as long as she didn’t catch him. But now it appears he’s being put on full blast and according to the latest gossip, he’s been allegedly having an affair and even told the woman his marriage to Brittish is just for the show.

In fact, the report claims he’s cheating on Brittish with an up and coming model from Houston.

Bossip reports:

According to the insider, Brittish is still unaware of the affair. “When they first met he lied and said she was just his girlfriend,” our insider dished. “After he was called out for having a tattoo on his finger he admitted they were engaged but he said he didn’t want to marry her because she wouldn’t sign a prenup and that everything was for the show.”



Bossip even has text messages allegedly between Lorenzo and the model that seem pretty inappropriate for an engaged man.

Initially, Brittish thought Jackie Christie’s outrageous method of keeping her husband faithful was a bit unnecessary but we have to wonder if she’s thinking differently now.


  1. I knew the side chick was going to cut up when Brittish said it’s only a problem if she catches him cheating. That’s a dare to any side chick. lol

  2. I knew this was going to happen. For some reason these chicks wait until a woman gets on these reality shows to start talking.

  3. I’m not surprised at all. And the funny thing is Lorenzo ain’t making as much as the NBA players do. Brittish is trying to fake like they’re living the baller life but they can’t be.

    1. he makes more than you think the league he plays in has money and he’s not a bad player not millions on millions but 7 figures yea

  4. No matter. I’m sure she’s not going anywhere. These women refuse to give up the “lifestyle”.

  5. Now she talked all that mess about how she would go off on her man if he cheated and now that he has she’s quiet as a mouse on Twitter.

  6. I always wonder when dating or marrying an athlete do they reaffirm they will be faithful or do they tell chicks upfront they will cheat. I seriously want to know.

  7. Most of them cheat. If a woman isn’t willing to chase him down like Jackie does, they will stray. These athletes get panties thrown at them every second of the day. I hope the wives are being tested for STDs frequently. I say this all the time, it’s not worth it! Don’t date an athlete.

  8. Lmaooooooo……brittish is way too immature for my liking and she talks like a 10 year old girl and Larenzo ain’t touching money like lebron and derrick rose,sad instead of him concentrating on these hoes he needs be trying to concentrate on his game lol….im thru these people are jokes

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