Nas’ Baby Mama Says He Has Mental Issues & Needs Help

Photo Credit: Instagram/Hennessy
Photo Credit: Instagram/Hennessy

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nas’ baby mama Carmen Bryan is currently duking it out with her ex in court over child support payments, and she’s furious because she claims the rapper hasn’t been paying his 19-year-old daughter Destiny’s college tuition and medical bills.

Carmen stated in court papers she wanted Nas thrown in jail for the over $11K he owes in back child support.

However, she’s now claiming that Nas has even more issues that need to be addressed.

She tells the Hip Hop Socialite that Nas has mental issues and needs some serious help:

“I do not want to see my child’s father go to jail. However, I do want to see him get the mental help that I believe he desperately needs. So this situation is a curse and a blessing with regard to the fact that there are some deep-rooted mental issues that I believe exist and need to be addressed.

“Well first off, let me just say my experiences with Nas, my dealings with Nas, and my research all lead me to believe that he does suffer from bipolarism and he may be a paranoid schizophrenic. That’s my personal opinion based on my experiences and interaction with him. An incident occurred with Nas years ago when we were together. I came in the house, Destiny and I, and he was on the couch wrapped up in a blanket; his mom was on one side of him, his brother on the other side, there were a few more people in the house. My first reaction was, ‘Is everything okay? What happened?’ And that’s when Nas told me ghosts were haunting him again, and entities were whispering to him and touching him and bothering him. This is something that he mentioned when we first got together, but I had never experienced him ever experiencing it until that moment. So, I’ve witnessed this long battle with insanity.”



Carmen goes on to say that she is requesting that Nas be mentally evaluated via the court because she would rather him get help than be tossed in jail.


  1. This is why men have to be careful about who they have babies with. Nas will never have peace wit this woman.

  2. So could this not have been handled in private? Carmen seems to get a kick out of kicking Nas down in the public eye. It’s really unnecessary.

  3. Based on my findings and opinion, I believe that Carmen is a golddigging narcissist with diarrhea of the mouth. Unfortunately the condition is in its last stages so not much can be done at this point.

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