Amber Rose Gets Called out for Being a Bad Wife on Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amber Rose has never been one to take herself too seriously, but now the wife to rapper Wiz Khalifa is being accused of not taking her marriage seriously either.

The other day Amber posted a photo to Instagram of her hugging a fan as he grabbed her butt, and instantly folks took the comment section to call her out on allowing another man to grope her booty.

amber rose instagram

amber rose instagram 2

While some of Amber’s fans felt it wasn’t a big deal because the fan in question might be gay, that didn’t stop the backlash from flooding in. The angry comments read:

I don’t think this is appropriate for a married woman. I know my husband wouldn’t give a damn how far you drove you not feeling my a*s. Ijs

Can’t turn a hoe into a house wife

Gay or not …. YOU’RE MARRIED! Have some class.

Gay or not I wldnt be cool with another man grabbing my “wife’s” a*s yo. Period.

@mistercap you don’t deserve a hoe man!! You have great music and an awesome life, u don’t need a hoe

Yeah cuz she after dudes cash, Kanye, wiz, who’s next? I also met wiz after his concert and he don’t deserve a hoe

So u just gone let another man grab yo a*s when u married to Wiz huh?….oh ok we see the cant turn a hoe into a housewife saying is still proven to be true

love Amb & Wiz together. I think it’s disrespectful regardless of sexual preference, but that’s me & my life. Wiz obviously ain’t trip’n cuz here it is almost 4 days later & the pic is still up. They seem happy. God bless em

I looked up to you but not anymore, this is just disrespectful. Nobody should touch your private parts than your husband.


  1. I think the fan is gay but as a married woman, I can see why people may think this was disrespectful to Wiz. But if he’s not mad, then maybe no one else should be.

  2. He looks gay to me. Either way, she probably should chill out some because it’s really not a good look.

  3. If he’s gay, then I don’t see why people are so upset about it. I really doubt she would let a straight man touch on her so what’s the problem?

  4. I wouldn’t want any man touching on my wife’s a-s. But Wiz wears tights, so he’s a different kind of man.

  5. Oh whatever! The fan is gay and she’s just playing around! I doubt Amber would ever do anything to hurt Wiz. People need to stop with the dramatics.

  6. Gay or not, this was out of line. But most young people don’t value marriage anyway, so I’m not shocked at all.

  7. I could see both sides. But even if she felt nothing was wrong with him doing it, there was really no sense in her posting the photo. I don’t necessarily think she’s desperate for likes, but it was definitely poor judgment. Just because he’s gay doesn’t mean that’s not a violation of her body…. But hey. *shrug* Something tells me that Wiz is somewhere totally unbothered by this. Therefore, there’s no need for anyone else to be pressed about it. If they’re good, then it is what it is.

  8. Wow are they really calling her a hoe for this? Really?! People need help. They get mad way to easily about people they don’t even know in real life. If Wiz ain’t mad, no one else should be mad. And that’s the truth.

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