NBA Player Reveals Crush on Karrueche Tran?

Photo Credit: Instagram/Brendan Forbes
Photo Credit: Instagram/Brendan Forbes

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rumor has it on and off couple Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran are once again on the outs, but that doesn’t mean Karrueche will stay single for long.

In fact, a certain NBA player reportedly hinted on Twitter recently that he may have a crush on Chris Brown’s ex.

VLAD TV reports:

It was reported earlier this week that Chris Brown and his longtime girlfriend Karrueche Tran had parted ways following his release from rehab. Now it’s rumored that she’s dating Detroit Pistons baller Brandon Jennings after he shouted her out in a recent Twitter message.

The 6’1″ point guard wrote “Hi Annie!!” on his message with a picture of Karrueche attached. A confused fan asked why the baller was calling Karrueche “Annie,” and he explained, “Hmmmm Annie is someone you Wife.”




We’re not sure how Karrueche’s friend Teyana Taylor will take the news considering Brandon is her ex and she just beefed with Angela Simmons not too long ago over him on Twitter. Brandon has since deleted the photo, but Karrueche took to Twitter to confirm she is indeed single:

karrueche tran twitter



  1. She just needs to stay single for a while and work on getting her own money. Being with a baller is not what she wants. If she thought dating Chris was hard, man…

    1. Agreed. But I do hope she doesn’t go back to Chris this time. I think the both of them should move on and start fresh with new people.

  2. I hope she does move on and get someone better. No need to wait on a man that has anger and drug problems.

  3. The underlining issue is Brandon Jennings is being low key messy to get back at Teyana Taylor. He knows Teyana and Karrueche are good friends. So this is very calculated by Brandon Jennings. If you read between the lines this has nothing to do with Karrueche and everything to do with the Teyana and Brandon Jennings love triangle.

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