Ludacris Says Baby Mama Drama Ruined His Image

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Months ago it was reported that Ludacris stepped outside of his longtime relationship with girlfriend Eudoxie and fathered a baby girl with high school classmate Tamika Fuller, and now the rapper is in the midst of a nasty child support battle.

Tamika was recently granted around $7000 a month in child support although Ludacris claimed he could only pay around $1800, but he later filed for full custody despite Tamika claiming he has never even seen the child.

Now it’s being reported that Ludacris is asking the court to seal all documents regarding the matter because all of the drama has “ruined” his image.

Radar Online reports:

Embroiled in a nasty custody battle, rapper Ludacris has asked a judge to seal the entire case because he claims it is ruining his reputation, has exclusively learned.

In exclusive court documents we’ve obtained, the “Get Back” rapper claimed he has been “publicly humiliated” all because his baby mama Tamika Fuller isn’t happy with the amount of child support the Georgia guidelines calculate he pay.

“Because the media is able to read and misinterpret the documents in the Court’s file in this case, every day since Jan. 1, 2014, I have been publicly humiliated and called a deadbeat dad, who does not want to see or support his minor child. Nothing could be further from the truth,” the entrepreneur, born Christopher Brian Bridges, said.


  1. He probably should have thought about his “image” when he was thinking about cheating on his girlfriend.

  2. I have absolutely no sympathy for him. He should have been faithful to his girlfriend and considered the consequences before he engaged in sex outside his relationship.

  3. From a PR point of view, he tainted his image as soon as he pulled a D Wade. Everything else was just extras.

  4. Sigh…he thinks too much of himself. He hasn’t been hot in years. People will have opinions about this but it’s not ruining anything since he’s pretty much not that big of a deal anymore.

  5. He has to understand people have a right to form their own opinions. But sealing the documents is pretty much the standard controlling douche bag move I expected him to pull.

  6. LOL what? So he’s not going to take any responsibility for his own actions and admit that he’s made himself look bad? He needs to grow up.

  7. If he doesn’t like the press he’s getting, he should be a better dad and stop fighting with the child’s mother. As a man, he should step up and make it right.

  8. Sorry Luda, but your random peen ruined your image. Keeping it in your pants would’ve solved that problem.

  9. Why try the seal the case now, you’ve already been put on blast for this whole thing? Nothing else can make you look any worse…but i could be wrong

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