Marlo Hampton Isn’t Ruling out Being Friends with NeNe Leakes Again

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Marlo Hampton is still giving interviews regarding the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” episode that aired almost two weeks ago.

After falling out with NeNe Leakes in such a public way, she now tells Radar Online that Kandi Burruss was the one who tried to “warn” her about her former friend:

“Kandi showed me, ‘NeNe is going to play you like chess.’ She said, ‘Marlo, when she knew you were coming onto the show, she went crazy on set. She screamed and cursed and yelled and then she befriended you.

“It’s hilarious that she’s calling me an opportunist. That’s bullsh-t. I met NeNe and styled her at my boutique before she couldn’t even afford to shop there. She needs to look in the mirror.”



And after clowning NeNe about her hair and beginning fashion choices, Marlo says that she doesn’t think it’s impossible that she can become friends with NeNe again in the future:

“It’s definitely possible, but where I’m sitting right now in this chair, that’s the last person on my mind.

“NeNe does better with mimes as friends. It’s ok as long as you’re praising her and being her cheerleader, but as soon as you go to disagree, it’s a problem. I’m real and not going to sugarcoat something just so she can feel happy.”


  1. She wouldn’t rule out being NeNe’s friend again because she never wants to miss out on camera time. Girl bye.

    1. TRUTH!!! Marlo hitched her wagon to the wrong mule. Now that DWTS is a calling at Nene’s door, Marlo is scrambling to get some camera time – front and center under the mirrorball.

      And for someone who isn’t thinking about Nene, she sure talks about her a hellava lot.

  2. Girl bye to the 10th power!!!!! Marlo basically threw Kandi under the bus. Do ya’ll think Marlo brought that up by coincidence after Kandi and NeNe had been shading each other. I will let that marinate. Messy Messy Messy Marlo!

  3. Marlo is really trying to stretch out her 15 mins! She should thank NeNe for all the press she’s getting!

    1. Wasn’t it Kandi who was clowning Marlo and Charles on Kandi Coated Nights at first? And didn’t Kandi and Phaedra try to set her and Nene up by inviting them to the same event with Charles in attendance to see it pop off like the Fourth of July? Marlo really needs to realize those women did not and do not like her. Nene is the only one who befriended her. That speaks volumes.

  4. Why does she care so much if NeNe doesn’t want to deal with her anymore? She has someone new to leech off anyway. So what’s the problem?

  5. All friends get into it and be cool again but I do agree as soon as you disagree with something nene says or does its a problem for nene I mean she was team Peter until he disagreed on her attitude during the charity event an look at the outcome

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