Too Far? Petition Calls for Lupita Nyong’o to Replace Halle Berry in ‘X-Men’

Photo Credit: ABC/Facebook
Photo Credit: ABC/Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lupita Nyong’o is now an Oscar toting actress, but that hasn’t stopped some from pushing movie execs to have her replace another black actress with an Oscar under her belt.

Apparently there’s a new petition floating around that is demanding that Lupita replaces Halle in Marvel’s  “X-Men” movies. Halle has played comic book favorite Storm in several of the films.

The petition’s creator Jamie Broadnax writes:

This is important because listening to the demands of your consumer base means more than your own personal casting choices. She has the accent, the look, and the acting chops to play Storm as the comic book intended. Please kindly take this into consideration and respect the demand of Marvel consumers and fans of this amazing franchise. This petition was started based on the overwhelming responses to my tweet “I volunteer as tribute to lead a social media charge to get Lupita cast as Storm!”



So far the petition only has a little over 500 signatures, so we don’t think 20th Century Fox will be making the change, but others are upset about the petition because they feel like it’s unethical to call for the firing of one black actress in favor of another considering how hard enough it is already for actresses of color.

What are your thoughts about the petition?


  1. Lupita’s fans are getting ready to make it hard to like her…kind of like Beyonce and Rihanna’s fans have done.

  2. I definitely don’t like the message this sends. So now we’re supposed to put down women of lighter shades to praise Lupita? How come we can’t support black actresses of all shades? This is dumb.

  3. This is the dumbest thing I’ve read in a long time. I actually like Halle in the movies. Let her be. Smh.

    1. True…… You can’t compare Halle Berry to a rookie! Lupita did a horrible job playing Aaliyah she was not the right person for Aaliyah and she will not be able to character Storm the way Halle Berry would they need to check Halle Berry resume again cause she the best that ever did it….

  4. I honestly think this is bad because it’s sending a message to Hollywood that there can only be one successful black actress at a time. Isn’t that the message we’re supposed to be fighting against?

  5. But they wouldn’t have put this petition together if Halle was a darker skin tone. Now I thought we are fighting to make darker women more mainstream, not fighting to make light skin women obsolete. We’re all women of color, we should remember that and fight for the advancement of all of us.

  6. People make petitions about anything nowadays. I should start a petition so I can get a raise. If these people can start crazy petitions so can I.

  7. This is taking it too far. There’s no real reason to replace Halle Berry in the franchise, I like Lupita & want to see her win, but not at the expense of other black actresses

  8. This is not a “there can only be one successful black actress thing”. When was the last time Halle was on screen and the performance was good? I think the petition is dumb, but its more about cast an actress who can ACT more than anything else.

  9. LOL I don’t care if this is about skin tone issues or whether Halle can “act” or not. It’s dumb period especially considering the acting in all the X-Men movies has been terrible. Now why is a super talented actress or actor needed in a damn comic book movie?! It’s not that deep. They pick lackluster actors all the time for Marvel movies. No one cares. Lupita is too good of an actress for the role anyway. I’d rather her get more quality roles.

  10. Yawn. This is so dumb. Halle is a good actress and has an Oscar too. Don’t pit black actresses against one another. Now the same people who signed this stupid petition will be complaining tomorrow about why there can’t be multiple successful black actresses at one time. Ugh.

  11. Halle’s acting isn’t the problem though. The issue is the bad writing. They ruined Rogue’s character, and they ruined Storm. They have made the films all about Wolverine and they have neglected developing other important characters. All the movies are terrible. And why the hell is Kitty in the movie but Gambit isn’t?!

  12. I hate the message this sends. Lupita is now the “it” black girl, and now we’re creating petitions to get another black actress who has lost steam fired. I’m so tired of stans. They are disgusting people.

    1. In the comlc storm was of African origins & had dark skin. She had a very commanding, rich voice. Plus she was very beautiful. I never liked Halle in THIS role. But movies rarely stick to the original book or comic. Xmen movies get it wrong a lot.

  13. Storm does need to be played by someone that resembles the character more but Lupita NO. I don’t know her height but she appears to also be too short like Halle berry plus she is also flat chested and lack muscle and curves like the Storm character. I would say Iman if she was an actress but she is just a model. Ignoring the height Kelly Rowland. Ignoring the skin tone Tyra Banks just give her a bronze tan.

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