Oh Really? Jackie Christie’s Daughter Chantel Says She Can Teach Draya Some Things

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Well we guess there’s nothing wrong with a little self promotion. Jackie Christie’s daughter Chantel Christie isn’t Team Draya considering Draya’s boyfriend Orlando Scandrick is someone she “dated” before things became official with Draya.

Chantel even took to Twitter to accuse the athlete of being gay and only using Draya to gain popularity, but now she’s bragging that she can actually teach Draya some things.

In the upcoming episode of “Basketball Wives LA,” when Jackie attempts to talk to her daughter about the Orlando situation, Chantel says Orlando is “nothing” and then she proceeded to take multiple jabs at Draya.

Chantel says:

“Draya’s about to be unemployed. You can’t sell swimsuits in the winter, honey. Do something else. Write a book. I wrote a book at 14. Record an album. I recorded two. I would love to talk to her. I can tell her how to really run a business, you know? And we can pow-wow. I think she’ll walk away feeling inspired.”


  1. She’s recorded two albums no one has ever listened to, wrote a book no one read, and probably owned a business that doesn’t exist. Girl bye. Let Draya do her thing. Why are you so mad?

    1. Thank you, you said it right. Two albums! When did the first one come out. They must have sold those albums at a flea market and the book. Draya has grown and knows how it is too struggle and succeed. Chanting, Chantelle, chani, or whatever has had a silver spoon since she was born. Chantelle is definitely her mother’s daughter- crazy and delusional. She needs to have some sustenance about herself before she downplays Draya about her life.

  2. It’s kind of hilarious how cocky this chick is when I have never heard of her until now. Say what you want about Draya but she will get her coins. And she’s definitely more known than Chantel is and will ever be.

  3. Why is this bird so mad? Damn, he didn’t want you and he wanted Draya. Get some dignity and stop trying to throw shade because you got rejected! It happens, deal!

  4. She’s talking like her music career is on Beyonce’s level but she ain’t sold not one album. Girl stop.

  5. The jealousy for Draya is too real. And I don’t understand it. Draya ain’t A List and she hasn’t even achieved THAT much for these girls to be so salty. But I guess since she’s more known they are mad.

  6. She really needs to stop embarrassing herself. All of this on the count of a man who doesn’t even want her. I’m not saying she is lying about everything because I do believe Orlando is shady. But at this point it doesn’t even matter he is Draya’s problem. Girl find a hobby and find somebody worth being jealous of instead of Draya.

  7. She’s acting like Draya stole her husband. It’s not that deep. Sometimes a man just isn’t interested and he will be with the chick that does interested. It happens. Be grown about it!

  8. Some women just can’t handle a man turning them down and not wanting them. Chantel is one of them. Smh.

  9. The ironic thing is she’s trying to make Orlando and Draya look bad, but the only person she’s making look bad is herself.

  10. But Draya sells more than swimsuits. If you’re going to attempt to read someone, at least have your facts in order. Ugh.

  11. Where do I begin, this poor girl is so attention thirsty. She sounds really crazy if anything Draya has a lot more going for herself than this Chantal character. She is straight up delusional if she thinks she can teach Draya anything. Jackie come get your daughter because she has drank from the same crazy cup of Kool-Aid that you did when you first had the notion to bring up this petty drama to Draya!

  12. OK… First you we’re dating him. Then you were no longer interested in him. Because he only wanted one thing and as your mother stated you’re not that kind of a girl. I think that you are both full of SHYT! If you are not interested… Um, why are you and that crazzzzzzz azzzzzzz mother of yours STILL talking???

  13. Damn when I see Jackie I get ill…. she is really sick! Sadly looking very much like Jackie’s apple didn’t fall far from the tree! Nothing attractive about hating on another aspiring business woman…especially when boasting about two albums that didn’t sell and a book that received one review (most likely from a friend or momma)on Amazon that is currently selling used copies for 1.42.
    If Chantel had an ounce of class she would have asked her mom to set up a direct meet between Draya, shared the information and relayed she just wanted to be open upon hearing that the two may be in a relationship. SMH but then again money and class don’t go hand in hand and support, respect and tact don’t sell or bring in the viewers. Weakling Doug, Psycho Jackie and Delusional Chantel all need to put those finances to real work for that family and get serious therapy!

  14. Wow Chantel is pathetic. I don’t ever take the time to comment on blogs but I’m hoping Chantel will read this. Girl yes, I’m talking to you Chantel. Please get some class and realize that if a man don’t want you, stop trying to attack Draya. Draya has gotten through a lot of hating a-s b-tches and you are just one more. Chantel, I can respect your confidence tho, cause I could never brag about a book no one’s read, an album no one’s listened to and a business only I would know about. Girl get your act together, lose some weight and maybe guys will start noticing you more.

  15. I think that this is some childish.high school bs . I think both of these women are very smart and beautiful.and they need to stop fighting.over this guy. No one knows what went on behind closed doors.between. Chantel and Orlando and of course he’s going to say whatever he needs to.to cover his tracks

  16. I can’t with this. Her mama used up all the passes… ain’t none left for Chantel. Sitting there lookin like thing 1 and thing 2. They are a couple of bullies. Draya did nothing to deserve that.

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