Shots Fired: NeNe Leakes Clowns Kenya Moore’s RHOA Salary

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last year it was rumored that Kenya Moore was getting a huge pay raise but Andy Cohen shut down that rumor with the quickness on his Twitter account.

However, Kenya Moore is reportedly after a million dollar salary next season since the ratings have been off the chain, and she seems to think she’s the reason why.

With her beef with RHOA heavyweight NeNe Leakes still making headlines, both reality stars are still shading each other on Twitter and it’s apparent NeNe is not going to sit back and allow Kenya to snatch away her crown as the Queen Bee of RHOA.

Last night NeNe took to Twitter to shade Kenya and Marlo, while also taking shots at Kenya’s RHOA salary:

nene leakes twitter


  1. All of these people are selling out and making themselves look like fools. How can one look down on the other?

  2. Kenya is not going to get a million dollars. I don’t even think NeNe gets that. But I do think Kenya is the producer’s pet right now because she will do anything they ask her too, no matter how low down it is.

  3. Oh NeNe sit your a-s down. You aren’t rich either. None of you losers are. Just broke people fronting for the cameras. Except Kandi!

    1. That’s the issue tho. Marlo wants a peach and a check. She’s hoping she can get that with Kenya’s help.

  4. I don’t think Kenya is making that much money either. Look at how desperate she’s been acting on the show to get camera time. A real star doesn’t have to do all that. I think she’s not happy with how much money she makes and she’s trying desperately to fix that.

  5. LMBO. Kenya needs to keep NeNe’s name out her mouth. It’s like NeNe has become her whole storyline. I guess it’s to be expected since she has no man, no life and no real business to handle.

  6. I wouldn’t call $600,000 pennies in comparison to a million that is a hefty 60%!The lowest housewife salary is Kandi and Phaedra at only around $75000 and that is still a pretty decent salary. Kenya really does make the show now. Nene is mad because nobody is no longer looking for her in Hollywood after being fired by Glee and The New Normal being cancelled. Ironically the highest paid are the most broke in real life (Kenya and Nene) and the lowest paid have the most money in real life (Kandi and Phaedra). Kandi safe her millions from her 90s short live music career and invested in other business ventures while Phaedra husband stole from people business venture funds…

    1. Kenya does not make $600,000 a season. Andy Cohen confirmed that >>>

      And Kenya does not make the show. She has to leach on to other people’s storylines because she’s not that interesting. If she was the “star,” why is she still not known outside of black Twitter? NeNe still gets all the invites to the top shows (she was even on Jimmy Kimmel recently) and rolls with A-Listers like Naomi Campbell. The sad part is Kenya couldn’t even get an invite to the View. She’s not big time…not even close. Even beefing with NeNe hasn’t changed that.

      1. LOLOLOL… Loved this post because it SO true!! I don’t car how much Kenya (crazy a-s) or Marlo (violent a-s) try to come for NeNe or drag her the fact remains that NeNe has crossed over and has a far broader audience!! In other words (the WHITE people LOVE her) and as long as they do, she’ll be just fine!!

        Now Kenya & Marlo, have a snowballs chance in hell of reaching NeNe’s status cause they are leeches and cannot stand on there on merits in “Hollywood”! If Kenya could she could have already… And she knows this, so all they can do is shade, shade, shade!! ANd make themselves look like idiots all the while!

        Yall don’t worry about my girl NeNe, she doesn’t even need to stoop to their level! That’s exactly what MarlHO tried to do episode before last but NeNe has way more to loose that these two loosers, so I’d walk away too!! #GoodJobNeNe!!

        SideNote: Ima need my girl NeNe to get a new hairstylist STAT!! #ThatIsAll!

      2. you say a mouth full,everything you said is the true about Kenya and the true about NENE,like NENE too.

  7. I just don’t get the hype with Kenya. She just isn’t all that interesting to me and she stirs the pot all the time because she has nothing else to bring to the table. She acts a lot like Peter.

  8. I hate that these people are tearing each other down so bad this season. Anything for a check I guess. Smh.

  9. One minute NeNe saying “I’m so above the drama with these girls I know when someone wants a response from me so I’m gonna ignore them” then the next minute she taking shots. You ain’t gon get far in Hollywood if you continue to engage in messiness (which is what you got your fame)

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