Draya’s Boyfriend Orlando Scandrick Gets Accused of Cheating, Again

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Orlando cheating on Draya? On last night’s episode of “Basketball Wives LA,” Draya and her boyfriend Orlando Scandrick had to face cheating accusations made by Jackie Christie’s daughter Chantel. Originally it was claimed that Chantel and Draya dated Orlando at the same time early on in the relationship, but when pressed to confirm what really happened with Orlando, Chantel refused to answer.

However, Chantel had plenty to say on Twitter and even accused Orlando of being gay and only using Draya to increase his popularity as a Dallas Cowboys cornerback.

Draya doesn’t believe anything ever happened between Orlando and Chantel besides a text message history, but now it appears more dirt is coming up regarding Draya’s boo.

Last night on Twitter, someone actually told Draya that Orlando is allegedly sleeping with other women all around Dallas and this tea was allegedly spilled by his own cousin (read tweets from top to bottom):

draya twitter

draya twitter 2

draya twitter 3

draya twitter 4



To be fair, Draya isn’t the only BBWLA star dealing with cheating accusations regarding her man. Recently, newbie Brittish Williams’ fiancé was put on blast too.


  1. Why do people care if he’s cheating on Draya? People are so emotionally invested in her and her downfall for some reason. I don’t get it.

  2. I knew this wouldn’t end well when Draya seemed so happy and started claiming him on IG/Twitter. People don’t like to see couples happy, so they will find anything to ruin it. Oh well.

  3. Draya is always defending her relationship to people that don’t even matter. She seems real insecure to be answering a stranger on twitter who could be lying through her teeth.

  4. None of this would be happening if she wasn’t always flaunting her relationship on Instagram. I knew the jumpoffs were going to start talking. They always do.

  5. Oh no he wouldn’t cheat on Draya bc she’s the “model type” BOFL! Girl with your ho-fax don’t expect complete monogamy or a ring anytime soon, play your role as the possible main and keep it moving. The more you speak the dumber you sound bc when it all comes to light you’ll be looking the part of the fool. You are a piece, so be a smart piece and run them pockets and stash for the storm that will surely come.

  6. This is what athletes do. And they don’t get any better even when they get married. So a woman either has to ok with that (Gabrielle Union) or they have to chuck up the deuces and move on. I can see Draya staying put tho.

  7. I actually watched BBLA wives last night for the first time this season.I don’t like anyone on that show. I don’t care for Chantel she seems desperate but Orlando is full of sh-t. When Draya confronted him he claimed Chantel wasn’t his type she was brown skinned and Chubby. Maybe my eyes are fooling me but aren’t Draya and Chantel the same color. And chubby I’m offended I’m a little bigger than her. Than here comes Draya saying Chantel is a smash and pass. *blank stare* Girl bye not too long ago she was the smash and pass. I swear so call reformed ho’s never cease to amaze me they forget about their ho history when they are in a relationship.

    1. Sad to say, but true. Draya needs to stop acting like a little girl. She is a grown a-s woman….act like it! Forget the gossip and do you!

  8. Can anyone blame this poor guy for cheating on her…..who would ever want her as the mother of his children. C-m all over her yes, marry her…..ohhhh hell no!

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