‘Love and Hip Hop’ Producer Mona Scott Young Gets Sued for Millions

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Love and Hip Hop” Executive Producer  Mona Scott Young may have found a lot of success with her VH1 reality series, but it hasn’t come without some legal problems too. Initially Mona, VH1, and K. Michelle were all slapped by a lawsuit from Toya Wright’s husband Memphitz, but now that it’s been rumored not much came from the suit, it appears Mona now has a fresh lawsuit to worry about.

According to blogger Tattle Tailzz, Mona and VH1 are being sued for allegedly stealing the idea for “Love and Hip Hop.” Tattle Tailzz reports:

TattleTailzz Exclusive: 8th Wonder Entertainment, Nicki Lum-Davis, Trisha Lum represented by attorney James Bryant are suing Mona Scott Young, her production company Monami for Love & Hip Hop, VH1, MTV Networks and Viacom for $50 million dollars. This case is the largest copyright infringement case in Reality TV history!! The parties listed are being sued for copyright infringement , fraud, and breach of contract, breach of confidence for the idea of “Love & Hip Hop” reality show.



The court documents indicate that the suit was filed on March 10.


  1. Well Mona made a fortune off her puppets so if she stole the idea she needs to go ahead and cut the check!

  2. I heard this a couple of years ago. Apparently Chrissy and DMX’s wife originally signed on to do the show with 8th Wonder but Mona supposedly went behind their backs and did the show without 8th Wonder. I would think Mona would be smarter than that so I don’t know if I believe it really happened that way.

    1. But to be fair these grownups sign up to willingly do the show. No one forced them to do it. They willingly act like ratchets for the check.

  3. That’s interesting because I thought Mona said she’s the one that came up with the idea for LHH.

  4. I have a feeling this won’t be the last lawsuit she gets. I can see someone from the show suing her in the future and blaming her for ruining their image. Reality TV is a dirty business.

  5. I read the documents. Ok. So basically this is what happened. The ladies of 8th Wonder Entertainment came up with the concept of the show and registered it with the US Copyright Office and the writers guild. They then pitched the show to VH1, and a few of the original ladies chosen for the show were pitched as well. They sent the treatment to Mona to see if she wanted to be involved. In the treatment, they pretty much showed how every detail of the show would be including character/episode breakdowns and Mona who supposedly managed Chrissy at the time and removed her from the deal. Then Mona took everything from the treatment (Chrissy too) and pitched it as her own to VH1, and VH1 bought it. So yeah, Mona is about to be out of a lot of money. $50 million is fair.

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