Lil Boosie Addresses Controversial Video of Daughter Using the ‘N’ Word

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

There was more controversy surrounding Lil Boosie coming home from prison than social media celebration. Apparently others were also disturbed that Boosie’s young daughter was so excited she felt the need to use the “N” word in a video rant that was posted to Instagram. “I told y’all n*ggas” is what  the little girl can be heard saying repeatedly:



Lil Boosie says he wasn’t happy his daughter said what she said in the video and he had to tell her to no longer use the word:

“I was too happy to fuss. You know, after that I told her I didn’t want her saying the word. But, she was one of those that went through ‘your daddy ain’t coming home’, ‘yo daddy this’ in schools and such. So, I think it was just..when I called her and told her I was coming home, I think it was all the stuff she went through coming out. I didn’t know she had it in her. [Laughs]”


    1. The one laughing in the background like it’s cute. I just don’t understand why people want their kids to grow up so fast. There was no need for this, but whatever. It’s not my child.

  1. What difference does it makes if she says the N word now or later? It shouldn’t be said by anyone at all.

  2. Yeah this video was very disturbing to me. It’s like can we let children be children nowadays? Sheesh.

  3. Whatever. Some of the main people offended use the word themselves daily. Don’t try to stand on a soap box now.

  4. Aight Boosie you out of jail now. Time to raise your kids and teach em right because their mommas obviously ain’t doing a good job.

  5. I like Boosie and all but this video should have never been posted. It just looks so bad. We have to let kids have their innocence for as long as they can. She was talking like a grown woman from the streets. Too much too soon.

  6. All I can say is this wouldn’t have been my child. But we all have a right to raise our children how we want to.

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