Confirmed: Chris Brown to Remain in Prison for a Month

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It was reported the other day that Chris Brown was arrested after he was kicked out of his second anger management rehab program, and reports alleged the singer misbehaved in the facility and even allegedly slept with one of the employees.

Chris was reportedly kicked out because he violated several rules, with the biggest issue being that he wasn’t taking the program seriously and he got too close to females in the program.

It was speculated that Chris could possibly end up spending a month in jail, but now it’s been confirmed that Chris won’t be released until next month.

TMZ reports:

The judge said Chris had an “inability to stay out of trouble.” Hizzoner was especially concerned at a statement Chris made at the rehab joint, “I am good at using guns and knives.”

So Chris will sit in jail until April 23. The judge wants Chris in the slammer until a D.C. jury decides if Chris committed criminal assault in an unrelated case. That trial is set for April 17 and should only last a few days. It’s unclear if the judge will let Chris back to attend the trial.

The L.A. judge will hold a probation violation hearing on April 23, and if Chris is convicted in D.C. he’s in big trouble. Worst case scenario … he could be sentenced to 4 years in prison for violating probation in the Rihanna case. One of the conditions — obey all laws.


  1. He brought all of this on himself. I really hate to see people waste their talent, but oh well. Life is all about choices.

  2. This isn’t surprising. Maybe this will do him some good. I honestly don’t know what will get through to Breezy if this doesn’t. I am still holding out hope why I don’t know I just am smh.

  3. He should have taken his life more seriously. This is my issue with Chris. He gets so many second chances and still disappoints. At some point, you just start to lose sympathy.

  4. Good. He needs to be in jail. Hopefully he will start to see that life is not some big joke. He’s not above getting thrown in jail. Now he sees that.

  5. He’s done it now. He’s going to get tossed in jail for four years because they can now see he really didn’t take his rehab seriously.

  6. Sigh…what an idiot. He was blessed with talent and had an opportunity to be the next it artist of our generation. And now he’s just Bobby Brown Jr. Smh.

  7. You never give people who wish to see you fall rope to hang you with. Chris has to open up his eyes and start using his brain.

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