Porsha Williams Claps Back at Tamala Jones & Her Publicist

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

One would think the drama between “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams and actress Tamala Jones would be over since Porsha released a statement denying she’s dating Tamala’s boyfriend Nguema Obiang Mangue, but recent tweets prove otherwise.

As we recently reported, TMZ published a story in which the site claimed Porsha was dating Mangue and getting lavish gifts out of the new romance, and Tamala took to her Twitter account to put Porsha in her place.

Porsha denies that she sent the fake story to TMZ and now she’s annoyed that Tamala will not drop it. In fact, Porsha claims that Tamala has been sending her direct messages ever since.

Porsha tweets (read tweets from bottom to top):

porsha twitter

Tamala’s publicist responded to Porsha’s tweets to defend her client (read tweets from bottom to top):

tamala publicist twitter

Porsha clapped back (read tweets from bottom to top):

porsha twitter 2


  1. Ok now I was with Tamala in the beginning but now she’s acting desperate. Time for her to sit down and move on. Enough.

  2. I’m not sure why Tamala’s publicist is talking like her client didn’t start all this. She should read her “client’s” timeline before she gets involved. Tamala ain’t innocent. She lacked class by doing the most on Twitter for a man whose reputation makes Apollo look like a good guy.

  3. Read her Porsha. I am so embarrassed for Tamala. Is she insecure about her relationship or something? Damn Porsha said she isn’t thinking about him, so why keep talking about it?

  4. Tamala’s boo won’t even be hers for long if there’s any truth to his reputation…apparently he enjoys dating celebs and gets bored fast.

  5. Tamala is acting really insecure. Now Porsha has already said she doesn’t even know the man and she’s not dating anyone. So why keep this going? It seems like Tamala is questioning the loyalty of her own man and just using Porsha as a scapegoat for suspicions she’s had all along.

  6. All this for that ugly man? Chile I cannot this Monday morning. I guess that man’s bank account has Tamala thirsty.

  7. I know it’s rough out here but I hate to see a black actress on Twitter fighting over a man. Tamala should know better.

  8. Her publicist is talking like her client is A list but Tamala acts like a Z list celebrity. Now can you imagine Halle Berry or Angela Bassett on Twitter arguing about their man? Child please.

  9. Porsha’s right with her dingy a-s. Tamala’s real beef needs to be with her man and TMZ. Her anger is misguided.

  10. Nowadays I only see Tamala in straight to DVD films that are shown on BET and Centric when the networks have nothing else to put on Lol. Bye Gert!

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