Watch: Jackie Christie Defends Telling Draya About Orlando’s Past in Front of Sundy Carter

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Draya is not on good terms with Jackie Christie considering Jackie decided it would be best to tell Draya her daughter Chantel “dated” Orlando Scandrick at the beginning of their relationship in front of Sundy Carter.

To Draya, it would have been best if Jackie told her the news in private, and she seems to feel Jackie only did what she did for camera time.

Chantel also made things even more messy by calling Orlando gay on Twitter, and Draya’s denial of the situation only opened up the gate for more cheating accusations to pop off concerning her man.

But in an upcoming episode, Jackie claims she doesn’t understand why Draya is upset with her because there’s really no right environment to give someone that kind of news. When confronted by Brandi Maxiell, Jackie says:

“There ain’t no wrong environment. F**k that.”



Sundy then chimes in that it shouldn’t be an issue because everyone knows, even Malaysia:

“Er’rybody knows anyway. So I don’t get the point whether she told her by herself or whether she told her…

“Er’rybody know. You know, I know, Malaysia knows, [censored] er’rybody knows…”



Check out the clip below:


  1. I wish Sundy would shut her ghetto a-s up. She’s always worried about what Draya is doing. Get a life you bum.

  2. Jackie is one of those people who acts innocent but is really trying to get a reaction out of a person. Typical psycho behavior. These chicks kill me they are so busy worried about Draya but if they were smart they would realize Draya will hang herself.

  3. Ugh! I cannot stand Jackie! She knew exactly what she was doing and she’s not fooling me. She’s just like Kenya. Always stirring the pot and trying to act innocent. Child bye.

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