Amid Chris Brown’s Legal Woes, Mom Breezy Gets Emotional on Twitter

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown has a new album dropping soon, but his legal problems continue to stack up making it nearly impossible for him to promote his new music.

In fact, Chris is currently in prison because he was kicked out of his second anger management rehab program in just a few months.

Reports suggest Chris Brown’s mother Joyce Hawkins is taking everything hard and even cried in court when it was confirmed that Chris will now have to spend a month in jail.

Interestingly enough, it’s clear by her tweets from several days ago that she’s completely stressed out about her son and she’s not happy with all the criticism being written about him on social media. She tweets (read from bottom to top):

mom breezy twitter 2

mom breezy twitter


  1. My heart aches for this woman. It’s really obvious that she and Chris have been through a lot and he’s clearly never been able to handle it well. But Chris is grown now. He has to be the one who wants better and works towards it. He’s not a white celeb like Lindsay Lohan. They will throw him in jail and not think twice.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Chris was really starting to believe his own hype and forgot that even though his lawyer is good, he’s still a black man. There were only so many passes he was going to get before they tossed him in jail. Now if he gets out and still acts a fool, I’m over him. He has his mom in tears and worried sick, that alone should be enough motivation for him to get it together.

  2. Well she invited some bad men into her life and they not only hurt her, but they hurt her child. And he hasn’t been right since. As a parent, we have to remember every choice we make affects our kids. By choosing to stay in an abusive relationship for way too long, it’s emotionally scarred her own child and made him abusive too. It’s a cycle. A very sad cycle.

    1. But Chris is grown! At any time he could have gotten help because he wanted the help! I feel he’s more to blame than anyone else!

      1. I hear you but I’m not saying that Chris has no blame here. He does, but we can’t forget how important a parent is to a child’s development. If he grew up in an abusive environment, he didn’t have much of a chance unless he got help a long time ago.

    2. I have to say I agree. Yes, Chris is wrong here and to blame for the majority of his demise, but we can’t pretend his childhood didn’t play a big role in the man he is today. Parents forget sometimes that the choices we make have lasting effects on our kids.

  3. Chris got so many chances and not once did he get his life back on track. I feel for his mom but I think jail is where he needs to be right now.

  4. No matter if you like Chris or not you have to feel for his mother or any mother who child is going down a bad path and it’s nothing you can do about it because their grown. This is so sad and this makes me mad with Chris because people like Chris don’t realize your choices don’t just affect you but those who love you. Praying for Momma Joyce. So sad.

  5. He needs to be in jail. It’s the only thing that can help him right now. I think he’s going to get out and get it together now. Or at least I hope.

  6. I hope his mom’s tears are causing him to take this seriously. Lord knows this woman has been through enough.

  7. I’m sad for Momma Breezy but Chris is the one who refused to clean up his act. Jail is where he needs to be sorry.

  8. I feel for his mom but Chris is still a lost cause. As much as he’s hurting his mom, he doesn’t care enough to change.

  9. You couldn’t have told me when Chris first came out (Run It) that THIS is how things would have ended up for him. I wouldn’t have believed it at all. Crazy.

    1. Chris called on God he heard his prayer and gave him everything back. The love from the one he hurt the fans she went on TV saying to forgive him. And what did he do he threw it all away. So God said son I’ll step back and let you handle it. So God is stripping and taking and removing because he didn’t learn the first time. His mother has to be like the prodigal son dad that let him go. And he came back torn down messed up but he came back home. Chris has to go threw this to be a better Man to help others. And he can’t keep playing with God daughters because God loves everybody and don’t want nobody mess over for your own game and pleasure to hurt somebody.

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