Lil Mo Compares Herself to Kim Kardashian, Says She Will Marry New Boyfriend

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we reported recently, Lil Mo confirmed her marriage to Phillip Bryant is over, but she wasted no time in finding her a new man in the meantime.

Not only does Mo already have a new boyfriend, but apparently she’s already thinking about marriage despite the fact that she hasn’t even officially divorced Phillip yet.

In a recent interview with Philly radio station Hot 107.9, Lil Mo bragged about her new man Dynamite and said she has plans to marry the 28-year-old soon:

“I’m like the hood Kim Kardashian and the ratchet Elizabeth Taylor. I will get married 10 times cause I always believe in love. I’m not going to just be his girl. We are GOING to get married. It’s not a game.”



As we reported recently, this is Lil Mo’s second failed marriage. Check out the interview below:


  1. No shade but I thought that was a drag queen in that photo. Lil Mo is crazy. Getting married 10 times is absolutely ludicrous.

  2. Lil Mo is very immature. I can now understand why none of her marriages have worked out for her. And she can idolize Kim and Liz all she wants to. All it does is remind me why her life is the way it is. She lacks common sense.

  3. In this will end in divorce as well. Lil’mo seems like the chick that never wants to be alone so they are always in a relationship with somebody. This won’t end well for her.

  4. Lil must have suffered serious head trauma from being hit with that bottle a decade ago because she is not in her right mind.

    1. Of course. He’s probably just trying to promote himself and his non-existent modeling career. Just like Erica Dixon’s “boyfriend.”

  5. It’s sad because Lil Mo could have said she wants to be like Michelle Obama and get her a Barack and stay married but nah, she wants to be like the white slutty bishes (Kim and Liz) who can’t keep any of the men they did manage to get. Low standards I tell you.

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