Photo: Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Cover Vogue

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

For years, many in the fashion industry said it would never happen. But it appears, Vogue head honcho Anna Wintour has finally caved in to Kim and Kanye, and the reality star finally nabbed the one magazine cover she wanted the absolute most.

Earlier today, Vogue editors uploaded what appears to be the couple covering the April issue of Vogue to the magazine’s official website.

Check it out below:

kimye vogue


Now it was rumored several weeks ago that Kim finally got the cover, but her camp denied the claims quickly and said no such photoshoot ever happened.

Well, surprise, surprise.

We have to admit, we think it’s a great cover, but we have to imagine that the backlash is coming soon from Vogue’s loyal subscribers who still don’t believe Kim is fit enough to cover the fashion bible.

Check out the behind the scenes video below and get a glimpse of cutie North West too:


  1. That cover doesn’t erase the sex tape though. If anything, this says more about how much Vogue has fallen off as a publication.

  2. Yawn. Kim and Kanye try so hard. I guess they got the one thing that mattered the most…a Vogue cover. Now will they spend more time with their daughter now or nah?

  3. This is the only reason Kim wanted to be with Kanye in the first place. She couldn’t get the cover without him. Well, she got it, so now what? Has she accomplished her life’s dream now? I don’t get her or Kanye. They obsess over the dumbest and most trivial things. Like magazine covers.

  4. I was never a big fan of Vogue but if they let Kim get a cover than this should open the door for more minorities and more deserving people to get covers. I hope Anna Wintour just realized she lost some credibility but whatever.

  5. And this is why I prefer Beyonce and Jay Z’s relationship. It’s real and they didn’t even feel the need to have a big wedding and take pictures, something Kim and Kanye will definitely do. Hell I bet they will get married on TV. Bey and Jay got married at their home with a few friends and family members. When they aren’t working, they do normal things and they are low key. They have a more authentic relationship and that’s why they have been together so long.

  6. And this is why I ended my subscription with Vogue a long time ago. These people aren’t a real representation of fashion. Smh.

  7. I’ll give it to Kim, that heffa does not give up! Fame is the only thing she has ever loved and she’s not leaving quietly.

  8. Are there any real fashion magazines left?! I’m so tired of celebrities getting covers. They aren’t supermodels and they don’t know fashion! They have ruined Vogue for me!

  9. So….they gave the female who has a sex tape, who does weekly a-s shots on Instagram and got caught altering them a Vogue cover. I thought Vogue was the one thing she couldn’t ruin. Yep. I’m done with Vogue. i’m ending my subscription today.

    1. I just ended my decade old subscription. It’s ironic that Anna thought this would sell more magazines. Epic fail.

  10. So will NeNe Leakes, the former stripper and reality star get a cover next because her and Kim are on the same level in my opinion.

  11. From what I’ve read, Vogue’s been losing readers for a hot minute now. Anna probably thought this would help. She’s wrong though because Kim and her fam have been struggling to sell magazine covers as of late too. Oh well.

  12. I still don’t care for Kim, but I applaud her for going after her dreams even if most of the world doesn’t think she’s worthy. Kim and Kanye are perfect for each other. And I say that with lots of contempt.

  13. I’ll pick this issue up at the grocery store and read it during checkout and put it right back when I’m finished.

  14. This was Kim’s lifelong dream…Kanye really loves her but now Kim has gotten all she wanted out of the relationship. So we know how this will end.

  15. She couldn’t have gotten it without him, does he not realize that he is a stepping stool for her??? It would have been really nice to include their daughter. I’m sure he feels like he accomplished something but jamming her down peoples throats is not gonna change anyone’s perspective.

  16. Vogue Magazine has disappointed me especially and the last respect I have for Vogue and Anna had been out of the window. Kim Whoredashian on a cover of vogue? WTF was Anna thinking? Was he high? Is this a joke? Soon, all the fame hoes and talentless porn stars will soon start vieing for the cover. @Annawintour and @VogueMagazine has ruined their image and now a laughing stock. #WhatashameVogue#

  17. I never thought @VogueMagazine and @AnnaWintour glamorise porn stars and fame whores until now. I will buy it and burn it with my trash!! Shame on Vogue and Anna.

  18. I actually think both of them deserve the cover Kanye and Kim are two of the best dressers in the biz. I ain’t a fan either but I’m gonna give props when it’s due

  19. American Vogue fell off a long time ago when Anna thought it would be best to replace supermodels for celebrities. I haven’t purchased a Vogue in YEARS. So I can’t say I’m surprised Kim is on the cover with her angry fiancé. I just wonder if Anna was prepared for the flood of cancelled subscriptions coming her way. I know several friends who have made arrangements to cancel their subscriptions already and more to do it soon.

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