Lil Mo Brags on Always Having a Man & Slams Single Women

Photo Credit: Power 105.1
Photo Credit: Power 105.1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“R&B Divas LA” star Lil Mo made headlines recently after she confirmed that her second marriage is already over, and she’s now dating an up and coming boxer by the name of Dynamite.

Mo seems to think she could possibly marry her current boo, and she even recently joked that she considers herself to be the “hood” Kim Kardashian and “ratchet” Elizabeth Taylor.

In her recent Instagram post, she seemingly brags on her ability to always have a man and she took shots at women who seem to always be single.

She posted the following photo and writes in the caption:

lil mo instagram

Lol and why iNEVER will be. I’m not on no hop around type time. But summa these fish and chips will NEVER get chose. They needy and have NOTHING but a hole to offer. We off that. IJS #repost @theroycemorgan


  1. I know a few women like Lil Mo. They think they are hot stuff because they always have a man, but it’s easy to always have a man if you have low standards. Just saying.

  2. I can’t take her seriously. She’s already had two failed marriages and I don’t even think she’s 40 yet.

  3. I liked Lil Mo better when all she did was sing. These reality shows and social media is ruining people for me.

  4. Get chose? If she was a real boss chick she’d be the one doing the choosing. No wonder why she can’t stay married. Chick can get a man, but can’t keep one. Good bye.

  5. I feel like she wasn’t this extra a year ago. Is she trying to keep her spot on R&B Divas or something?

  6. Always having a man huh. How has that worked out for her she is twice divorced, a piece of a career left, only get a little notoriety for a reality show. The man she got is an amateur boxer at best probably trying to make a come up off her. Nah I’m cool with this single life I am living.

  7. *blank stare* I guess she doesn’t understand that getting a man isn’t that difficult. But I’ll let her feel special.

  8. Getting a man is easy as hell! But getting the right one is where so many of us get in trouble! And she should know that since she’s had two failed marriages!

  9. I would hate to have a conversation with this woman. I’m sure I would lose brain cells by the second if I ever met her in person. Such a shame because the woman can sing.

    1. Thank you. I loved her voice back in the 90s. But I feel like she is trifling for calling out single women she May or may not be cool with Im disgusted by her attitude now. I am a single woman I am proud of myself. I am proud of no longer depending on a man to make me feel beautiful because I accepted My Heavenly father.   After two now failed marriages, she should learn. Instead of rushing. And let God work on her as a divorced woman.

  10. Why is it such taboo for a woman to be single? Single men don’t get this much grief. I just don’t understand.

  11. Time to log out of Instagram Mo. You keep making yourself look ratchet. Ratchet makes for good TV but it doesn’t sell albums.

  12. Too many of these R&B artists really need to hop off IG and get into a studio. That’s pretty much it.

  13. The issue with Mo (she too old to be “lil” anything-true story), is she hasn’t evolved enough to have a relationship with herself, which is why she would make innuendos about singles. I am happily single AND happy she thinks she found the one (grown woman will understand the different lots in life), but don’t down those that CHOOSE to be single, being single is now a choice no longer a sad status. I may not have a significant other but I am happy, sexy, and single. However, what your are JUST saying is that “I will never be single to learn and accept myself for myself, and will continue to have a man to justify why I can always get a ‘man’ regardless of if I can see building a life connection with this man.” To elaborate on the others post, obviously, your standards aren’t set at all, high or low, because you will jump from man to man until one accepts you for you (regardless of who breaks the relationship off), which will not happen anytime soon because you don’t even accept yourself for the qualities you have, and that is obvious because you ridicule people who are single by posting foolish statements such as the one above. One statement that is circulating is he wasn’t “hood” enough to be with you, but wouldn’t you know this if you knew yourself, single people get the chance to know themselves. Thanks for proving another point of why you must have certain standards before you embark on any relationship. The Solo Alliance appreciates you!

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