Watch: Kenya Moore, Phaedra Parks, Peter Thomas & Gregg Leakes Have a Showdown

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tonight will be yet another drama filled episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Expect to see two showdowns between Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks, as well as the long-awaited one between Peter Thomas and Gregg Leakes.

Kenya and Phaedra are at odds over Phaedra’s husband Apollo Nida, and Kenya is defending her right to have a friendship with Apollo despite not getting Phaedra’s blessing.

It didn’t take long before Phaedra expressed her desire to slap Kenya and Kenya follows up the threat by daring Phaedra to make true of her words.

Gregg decides to warn Peter of confronting his wife NeNe again, and of course that conversation goes left too once Gregg threatens to get violent.

Check out the preview below:


    1. She sure did. In this video, her many years of not having a man or ever being married came out. She was looking so great this season until now. Does she not understand how much she’s tarnishing her image for this reality show?

  1. You know, before Kenya came on the show, I always wondered why she wasn’t married. But now that I’ve seen her on RHOA for two seasons, I can completely understand why she’s never been married at 43 years old.

  2. Sigh…and here Kenya goes again trying to act like she had good intentions when she never does. She’s so damn transparent.

  3. I cannot stand Phaedra and Apollo is not a catch in the least bit, but Kenya is out of line here. If a wife tells you not to communicate with her spouse without her knowledge, then it should be respected. No real woman with class would do what Kenya is doing.

  4. I can’t wait I hope Phaedra slaps Kenya too she deserves that. Yes I love Sunday’s all my shows come on tonight RHOA,Total Divas,Resurrection.

  5. Give us some real drama…slap somebody…punch someone in the face…BRAVO’s paying y’all to show ur true colors & ignorance… So go one step farther…. PLEASE

  6. I LOVE me some Kenya, but I really wish she would let this storyline die. No matter how messed up Apollo and Phaedra’s marriage is, it’s not a good look for Kenya to be meddling in their marriage. She needs to step back and let them self destruct on their own.

  7. Watching this video makes me think the tea about Kenya is true (that she has slept with married men in her heyday). *sips tea*

  8. NeNe is just sitting back and laughing. I see you NeNe. Yes, let Kenya go back to making herself look trashy. I love it.

  9. Kenya lies yet again. She’s not trying to make peace with Phaedra, she’s trying to get under her skin. Kenya doesn’t want to be cool with anyone on the show, she just wants to stir the pot.

  10. Kenya sit your desperate a-s down! You will do anything for camera time, no matter how degrading it is! I can’t believe I used to have any respect for you!

  11. I’m pretty sure a wife can speak for her husband and vice versa. Kenya’s “never been married” colors sure are showing right now. Yikes.

  12. I would have loved for Phaedra to walk up to Kenya and Apollo while they were talking, and for her to look Kenya right in the eyes and tell her she can have his a-s. That would have been awesome.

  13. Kenya has really fallen off. From Miss USA to the messiest chick on reality TV. She could have been so much more, but she settled for this. LOL at the fools who think she’s winning. Smh.

  14. And this is who Team Twirl supports? A woman who doesn’t respect marriages? Kenya better hope and pray that people don’t start bringing up her past of sleeping with married men before she even got on RHOA. She makes Phaedra look like a virgin with her groupie/hoe past.

  15. Kenya shouldn’t be friends with any of the husbands. She needs to find single men to be friends with.

  16. *scratches head* I see Kenya is at work here. I don’t remember Apollo telling her on the last episode that he wants to be friends with her. What he said is that he could sleep with her if he really wanted to, and I agree.

  17. I know Kenya was trying to clear her name with the lies Apollo told Phaedra about her propositioning him for O sex, but she also has another agenda of wanting to get under Phaedra’s skin and that’s the issue. She should stick to clearing her name and not flirting with Apollo at the same time, makes her look really bad to her fans. Phaedra herself needs to stop deflecting her feelings of anger over her dumb husband over to Kenya. She only curses out Kenya, but gives Apollo excuses because he is a man. Please! Apollo left you outside your locked hotel room, he texted Kenya, he picked Kenya up and threw her in the pool, he is as much at fault, even more because he is the one that is married! My issue would be with my husband, and my husband alone because he is the one that is obligated to be faithful to me!

    1. Phaedra needs to check her husband, but do to the marriage probably is an arrangement anyways she can’t. Phaedra married apollo cause she was sleeping with him and got pregnant and her mother would of been disappointed because shes a preacher. Apollo married Phaedra because he had just gotten out of jail. He knew he was still gone be up to no good and wanted a lawyer by his side, plus she presented him with being on Tv. Kenya has no reason to be jealous of Phaedra or porsha fake marriages. Lol! People don’t get married for the right reasons nowadays that’s why marriages not lasting. Only marriage I love is Ne Ne and greg that’s real, they have history. Woman always blaming the next woman to stay in a disrespectful marriage. I’m pretty sure Kenya can find a convict have a baby and get married. That’s not what she want.

  18. Only a ratchet trick would wanna cause a married couple any controversy…. They both clearly got the hots for each other…all smiles & enjoying each other before Phaedra appear….BUT DIDN’T KENYA NEAN…” THERE R 99+ D-CKS OUT THERE & I AIN’T GOT ONE…

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