Tiny Harris Admits to Getting Work Done on Her Booty & Talks Marriage Troubles

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tiny Harris and T.I. have been reportedly dealing with some serious marital issues as of late, but the couple has decided to work through their issues and they are preparing for the season four premiere of “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle.”

Tiny made a recent appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show,” and she got pretty candid about her body and her marriage to T.I.

When asked if her booty is natural or bought, she says:

“It’s a little of both.”


On her boobs:

“No, they’re bought.”


And when asked if she’s had any work done to her nose:

“No, I thought about it but it’s my Dad’s nose.”


Wendy of course didn’t stop there. She even asked Tiny if she was headed for divorce. Tiny answers:

“We had a couple of fights. We were arguing. We argue all the time though but you know, we had this one big fallout about the Grammys and it just lingered on and it got bigger.

“We’re still together. There’s no divorce but we’re normal. We go through the same thing that everybody who’s married goes through.”



Check out the video below:


  1. Well at least she told the truth! She could have been like Kim K and lied! Kim swears her a-s is natural but it looks like a damn lopsided diaper!

    1. You neva lied. Kim’s ayass looks so ugly & deformed I don’t know how she LIES, thinking people are stupid, saying her ayass is real. If you look at pics from 2006 and 2010 you will be able to see a big difference. She parades around like she’s a goddess, with a fake booty & fake boobs. I can’t stand her, and I’m totally thru with Kanye I lost my respect for him ever since he got involved with this broad I cant believe he’s MARRYING her!!!

  2. What is up with all these women getting work done on their booties? What happened to just eating some greens and cornbread?

    1. Okaaayyyy??? What ever happened to SELF-ACCEPTANCE & SELF-LOVE??? Whatever happened to gratitude to GOD??? These broads – so many – are getting body alterations for bigger booties & boobs, its like EVERY FEMALE has a BIG BOOTY these days. What’s worse is the men are going for it, and SOME of these men KNOW the booties are FAKE but they STILL go for it. I just think it’s all FRAUDULENT & MAD CRAZY.

  3. I knew she got work done on her butt. I don’t remember her really having one back in her Xscape day.

  4. I still think she got some major work done on her face. She looks very different than she did when she was in Xscape. I actually feel like she was prettier back then.

  5. I give Tiny credit for being truthful about her plastic surgery but she looks a mess it hurts me to say that because I like Tiny but she looks disproportionate with her tiny frame. I hope Tiny and T.I. make it just keep the problems off of social media.

  6. SHE IS bull-shyt. She had to tell the truth
    1. you mom aint got that a-s.
    2. those old Escape pic . will call you out. [Nicky + Kardashian busted on old pics}
    3, it a bad butt job.. like LaLA’s

    why did the ask her if she had chrom… for downs syndrome.. She look a bit touch with it.

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