Trey Songz Addresses Gay Rumors

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Trey Songz isn’t thrilled that he is now a target of controversy after what he claims to be a digitally altered tweet began to make its rounds on social media hours ago.

In the tweet many are now claiming was edited by Photoshop, the singer “admitted” he is actually gay:

trey songz gay twitter

When the singer caught wind of the phony tweet making its rounds on Twitter and Instagram, he then took to his Twitter account to slam people for being so quick to believe it.

He tweets (read from bottom to top):

trey songz twitter


  1. I doubt he would ever come out on Twitter if he was gay. What kind of coming out would that be? People need to stop. LOL.

  2. Somebody want Trey to be gay so bad or come out the closet. Every couple of months Trey gay rumors come up and then die down then come right back up.They never go away.

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