Rumor Control: Jay Z is Not 50 Years Old

Photo Credit: Joella Marano
Photo Credit: Joella Marano

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Several days ago, Jay Z’s age made headlines after a DJ claimed in a recent interview that the rapper is lying about his age. And according to DJ Troi Torain, Jay is really 50 years old and not 44 as he claims. However, E! News has dug up the rapper’s birth certificate and has proof that the DJ was lying.

E! News reports:

Has Jay Z been lying about his age? That’s what one New York City DJ is claiming about Beyoncé’s hubby. (But we’ve got the real scoop.)

New York Radio host DJ Troi Torain (also known professionally as Star) tried to claim Blue Ivy’s father is 50 years old and not just 44. But, stop the presses, y’all: E! News can confirm that public records show Shawn Corey Carter (yep, that’s his pre-Hova name) was born Dec. 4, 1969. In case you need some help with the math, this makes the king of hip-hop 44 years old—aka his actual age.



For those of you who missed it, DJ Troi Torrain said on Star: Live and Direct recently:

I shouldn’t blow this up, maybe because he doesn’t promote it publicly, but Jay Z and I are the same age. I will be 50 on May 3. He’s 43, 42…that’s just media bullsh*t!


  1. I’m trying to understand, what if he was 50? WTF does that even matter? He’s still living the life. I don’t get people.

  2. It really doesn’t matter how old he is. I don’t get the hype abut people trying to expose him and Beyonce’s age. Will it make them less successful? I doubt it. lol

  3. This DJ person just wanted some attention. I guess he got it in the end but I don’t see why Jay Z would need to lie about his age. 44 is still pretty old for a rapper and he doesn’t seem to be ashamed that he’s in his 40s.

  4. I agree that his age is a non issue honestly. If he was 60 that doesn’t diminish his success so I don’t understand why this even blew up the way it did.

  5. LOL. Seethe haters. They get so desperate to find anything to tear down Jay and Bey that it just tickles me.

  6. The man is worth over $500million dollars and is already one of the most successful rappers in history. Why would anyone think he would lie about his age? Then I heard he tried to say Beyoncé is 35 which is just only three year up from her actual age 32. People stay trying to ride on their coattails. This rapper, Chili, Keyshia Cole, Ciara, Bill O Reily,etc. SMH.

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