More Details Released on Porsha Williams & Kenya Moore’s Brawl, NeNe Gets Messy

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As we reported last night, it’s being rumored that “Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams got into an actual brawl during the taping for the reunion show and insiders claimed that Porsha actually shocked people by beating up Kenya.

Kenya and Porsha aren’t saying a word, but now more people are speaking up and a source now tells US Weekly that the altercation was very brief and Kenya wasn’t injured:

“They did get into an altercation. Porsha stood up, so then Kenya stood up,” an insider tells Us. “Porsha charged at Kenya and pulled her hair, but it was over in a matter of seconds. Porsha never dragged her by her hair. Andy [Cohen] and a producer jumped in and then security came.”

“Kenya is fine,” the insider adds. On if she will press charges? “You never know with these ladies.”



NeNe Leakes took to her Twitter account to give some support to Porsha after the news leaked (and possibly be messy) and seemingly hinted she’s happy Porsha gave Kenya a beatdown:

nene leakes twitter



Considering Kenya just told the In Touch Weekly that NeNe is nothing more than a former stripper, we’re just going to classify this tweet as shade.


  1. This sounds like damage control coming from Kenya. Regardless, Kenya was the same one who dared Phaedra to jump if she was feeling froggy, and it turns out Porsha was the one to take her up on the offer. And Kenya did absolutely nothing about it either. LOL.

    1. You know it did. She’s trying to save face. Now watch Bravo edit it out completely to save their new cash cow from embarrassment.

  2. It doesn’t matter if it was brief or not. This makes Kenya look even worse because now they are saying Kenya stood up and was prepared and still lost. lol

    1. Kenya cannot carry her own show. She’s only entertaining because she stirs the pot when it comes to other people. But anything else and she’s boring.

    2. Who is more lowdown than the trick that bought a sex toy to taunt her castmate with? Bet you next season she gives Porscha a wide berth, and does more mumbling under her breath.

    3. I don’t see that happening. If Kenya’s life was fabulous enough for a solo gig she would have secured a deal for one by now. She’s made a name for herself by poking and prodding into her cast mates’ lives and they are the only reason she is “relevant.” And that “storyline” about her wanting to have a child is for the birds.

  3. Someone from Team Twirl wrote this. Look. I believe Kenya got her a-s handed to her. And if she really did stand up when Porsha did and still got not even one lick in, she ought to shut her mouth from here on out.

  4. I was really hoping Porsha dragged her. Sorry to hear Kenya didn’t get her a-s whooped. I guarantee Kenya was shocked when Porsha stepped up. This should be a lesson to Kenya don’t try to pick on the perceived weak because it might not end well.

  5. So all Kenya did was stand up? Embarrassing. I thought she said she could fight? What happened Ms. Detroit?

  6. This sounds like Kenya’s spin machine. I heard people from the production staff are saying Kenya got her a-s handled and she was in complete shock. Turns out she’s nothing but mouth. Now that everyone knows that expect all of them to give her hell next season. If she was smart she wouldn’t come back to RHOA and just get her own show (even though it would get cancelled after one season).

  7. If this was true, why did Kenya call the police? The first report was right. She was beat up and the police were called. All of this will be confirmed real soon.

  8. For some reason, this just reads like a PR person is trying to clean up. I think what we heard last night is closer to the truth.

  9. DAM..DAM..DAM Witnessing that would’ve made my day…THE TRICK DESERVES THAT & MORE…Always selling tickets…NOW WE KNOW!! ALL BARK & NO BITE… LOL!

  10. It doesn’t matter if Kenya got dragged or not, she got played period. She talks a whole bunch of mess, but never expected anyone to pop her in the face for it. Now she knows. Watch her scream victim and pretend she’s not coming back though. LOL.

  11. If you’re going to constantly talk sh-t, make sure you’re ready for someone to get in your a-s. Kenya needs to learn how to throw a punch or something if she’s going to continue stirring the pot next season. If Porsha can drag her a-s, I’m sure NeNe, Kandi, Phaedra and even Cynthia can too. LOL.

  12. This is such a bad look for the franchise. But this is exactly what I expected to happen when Bravo hired the LHHATL producer. This show is going downhill fast. Smh.

  13. I know I’m in the minority here, but I really do like Kenya. I feel bad for her because she went from being Miss USA to being nasty on reality TV. NO matter how you slice it, this is a huge downgrade for her. Period. I really hope she finds her dignity and walks away from the show while she’s so popular again. It would be good for her soul and she can find better opportunities.

    1. Kenya isn’t some victim. She’s a grown woman who wanted to be on this show and wanted to be messy as possible so she could become a “star.” She doesn’t deserve an ounce of sympathy.

    2. Kenya put herself in this position and I can’t spare an ounce of sympathy for her. Kenya knows there’s a high chance that she will fade back into obscurity if she leaves RHOA behind.

    3. Kenya has made herself look so mean spirited and trashy that she won’t have many opportunities outside of reality television. Mark my words.

  14. Wow! Oh porsha and people was so against violence at the pillow talk. What people say??? But now she’s the one fighting she’s getting praised. Lol! Oh Ne Ne is against violence and support organizations. Looks like she praising violence to me with her statement.. sooo fake. It’s so sad.. as black people we’re always known as being violet and fighting and praise it. It only messes up opportunities people need to think before they react, but we are asking about porsha. Best wishes for her.

  15. Hype & more hype. Since when did hair grabbing turn into having your a** dragged. It’s my opinion but I think for the ratings, Bravo will stage anything from fights, arguments between close friends and twisted versions of the “truth” for ratings. Either way, a group of bickering black women whether it’s real or fake will never be a good look.

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