Chantel Christie Reveals Text Messages from Orlando Scandrick, Draya Claps Back

chantel christie orlando scandrick draya

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chantel Christie, Orlando Scandrick text messages revealed? On last night’s episode of “Basketball Wives LA,” Jackie Christie decided to put Draya on the spot and she had her daughter Chantel confront Draya without any type of head’s up.

Draya wasn’t happy about what she feels was an ambush orchestrated by Jackie, but Jackie feels a conversation between her daughter and Draya needed to happen.

In the heated conversation, Chantel once again taunted Draya about Orlando texting her while he and Draya were on a “break,” while Draya told Chantel to her face that Orlando was never serious about her.

Of course all of the drama spilled right on over to Twitter and Instagram once the episode ended.

Chantel posted the following screenshot of text messages between her and Orlando to her Instagram account (screenshot obtained by The Shade Room):

chantel christie orlando scandrick text messages

After deleting the “evidence,” Chantel then tweeted the following (read from bottom to top):

chantel christie twitter 3

chantel christie twitter 2

chantel christie twitter

Draya wasn’t bothered though (read tweets from bottom to top):

draya twitter


  1. The timestamp on the text messages says June 2013 and Orlando didn’t even say anything scandalous. Why is Jackie setting her daughter up to look stupid?

  2. Chantel is obviously angry that nothing really happened with Orlando. If she wasn’t, she wouldn’t keep tweeting about this.

  3. Jackie must not love her daughter because she is really throwing her under a bus and she’s the reason Chantel is getting dragged on Twitter! What kind of mom throws her a child under a bus for a reality show?!

  4. This again? At this point everybody knows Orlando is a cheater even Draya knows that but she doesn’t care. Draya is just happy to have a semi famous man to publicly claim her. Chantel has proven the point he is a cheater move on girl have some kinda dignity.

  5. lol oh chantel please. You’ll be tweeting about this again. You’re still holding on to text messages from last year.

  6. What are these messages supposed to prove? Draya and Orlando weren’t together when this conversation even happened. I’m not saying he hasn’t cheated but there is still no proof that he cheated on Draya with Chantel. So…

  7. Chantel looks stupid. Athletes cheat who cares? Mind your business and stop being so damn salty he didn’t really want you girl. Let him be Draya’s problem.

  8. I don’t understand why Chantel cares so much. She looks ridiculous. She needs to let it go and move on with her life. It’s not like Orlando is a prize anyway.

  9. I’m confused. What does the screenshots prove again? I thought Draya, Jackie and even Chantel already confirmed all of this took place while they were on a break. This is much ado about nothing. Now wake me up when they find some receipts for the chicks Orlando really is cheating with (I’m sure they are out there). Then we have a story.

  10. Jackie is messy to me. I’m like Draya, it just prove they held a conversation for half an hour that’s it…glad she’s not bothered by it. Plus this stuff is about to be a year old why she keep bring it up like it happen within the last three to six months? && Chantel claiming that Draya wouldn’t even have a storyline if it wasn’t for this situation,.. she don’t need one her and some of the other ladies giving Draya enough hype to have her on the show without a storyline. Respectable? Humble? Respectable people don’t use the B word or N word. You humble, but “going off”?

  11. Sorry I’m Team Draya on this one. Jackie and her daughter are thirsty for some camera time and it shows. Draya doesn’t need them for a storyline. She has enough of them thirsty bums trying her to get some shine as it is. She’s good.

  12. Meanwhile the person that started all of this (Jackie) sits back and gets a kick out of her daughter being embarrassed on social media. Jackie has reached a new low.

  13. Jackie is the one who made a big thing about nothing and is continuing to stir the pot. At some point, the “50 year old” adult needs to stop. What is she trying to do? Get her daughter’s a** beat?

  14. But why is Draya so concerned about what Jackie’s daughter is doing. Who gaf if she slept with his friend or not (which I don’t believe). Draya gonna stay with him no matter what so this whole argument is stupid. He’s a cheater and will always be a cheater and she’s not getting wifed.

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