Jackie Christie Finds Humor in Setting up Her Own Daughter for Embarassment

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day social media went crazy because Jackie Christie’s daughter Chantel posted screen shots of a text message conversation she had with Orlando Scandrick back in 2013, and Draya felt it was a very pathetic move on Chantel’s part since she and Orlando were reportedly on a “break” when he briefly talked to Chantel. So Draya and her fans have been dragging her on Twitter ever since.

Jackie Christie is known for stirring the pot when it comes to the rest of the ladies on “Basketball Wives LA,” but for some reason people thought she wouldn’t do the same to her own daughter.

Not only does Jackie not mind throwing her daughter under a bus for ridicule for reality television purposes, but she appears to find humor in it.

Jackie live tweeted as she watched the latest episode of BBWLA, and when the showdown between Draya and Chantel came on, she tweeted the following:

jackie christie twitter


  1. Jackie is really trifling to me. I’m just amazed that Chantel seems to only be mad at Draya but hasn’t even acknowledged that her mom was the one who threw her into the fire.

  2. And Jackie wonders why her other daughter doesn’t deal with her. I can get her stirring the pot with Draya and them, but her own daughter? That’s some wild ish.

  3. Yeah I figured out a good minute ago that Jackie has some problems. She should have never even brought her daughter into all that mess. I guess she did it because she wanted Chantel on the show, but that was just very low of her.

  4. All Jackie cares about is keeping her position on the show. She doesn’t care who she has to throw under a bus to keep her spot. Her husband, kids, Draya, whoever. She doesn’t care. That check is her first priority.

  5. Now no one should be surprised by what she did to Chantel. She embarrasses her own husband on the regular, so why would it be any different for her daughter?

  6. Yeah I saw her tweet that when it happened and just had to shake my head. I don’t have kids yet, but I would never subject my kid to ridicule just for TV. These reality stars are bugging. It’s like they will do anything for these checks, and I doubt they are even that big.

  7. Jackie should have never blew all this up the way she did. Chantel already told her she talked to Orlando when he was on a break with Draya. It was and always has been a non issue Jackie blew up because she wanted a storyline. She’s wrong for how she did Chantel.

  8. I think Chantel was probably in on this to be honest. She’s old enough, and has had enough beef with Jackie to know right from wrong. It’s crazy how this went from “it was nothing serious” to what it’s turned into now. They saw the opportunity for a storyline and accepted it. The apple does not fall far from the tree at all when it comes to these two.

    1. You literally took the words out of my mouth. I agree. I think Jackie and Chantel are cut from the same cloth. They both want fame and they are using Draya’s name to get more screen time. It’s really pathetic too.

    1. I believe he’s afraid. If his wife is like this in real life then I’m sure he’s been abused and sees no way out.

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