Tiny Harris Defends Cursing People out on Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tiny Harris doesn’t mind getting folks together on Instagram when they pop off on her family and her marriage, and neither does her husband T.I.

And in a recent interview with Madame Noire, she not only defends why she has no issue threatening folks on Twitter for rude comments but she also defends her actions.

Tiny says:

“I don’t even really know which one was the T.I thing because I respond to a lot of things. I’m just one of those people– I’m not on there a lot but when I am on there, if I see something I don’t like, I’m going to respond. Just because I fee like I’m one of those people that I’m going to say what I feel and if you’re going to say what you feel, then I got the right to say what I feel. It doesn’t matter I’m a celebrity or whatever. You think you can say whatever and I can’t say whatever?! I’m not going to go crazy. I try not to but a lot of times when they say something about my kids I go nuts. I don’t really care what they say about me. I might check a person cause they said something about me just because I feel like I can but I really don’t give a sh*t, you know for real for real. What I care about though is you talking about any of my kids.”


  1. Tiny is ratchet as hell but if someone wants to troll on her Instagram account, she has a right to respond. I’ve seen firsthand how people make up fake accounts just to troll someone famous. They are human too. If you are cool with trolling, don’t be surprised if someone drags you for it. It’s deserved.

  2. I get what she’s saying but I don’t think she understands that most people troll for a reaction. By responding to them, she’s only giving them what they want. And it will only make them keep doing it.

  3. Nah. She’s too old to be trying to fight people from the internet. She’s famous and has to get thicker skin. Stop making these trolls feel important Tiny.

  4. I agree with her. Why can’t celebs respond to idiots if they want to? If more people were checked for their foolishness, less people would be trolling right now.

  5. I would just think Tiny would be too busy to read every single comment she gets on Instagram. Like if you’re making that money and famous, you shouldn’t have time for that. But that’s just MY opinion though.

  6. I agree with her. People only write on her account because they expect her not to say anything. But when she does, they get quiet as hell.

  7. I totally agree with her and with @smh comment. People forget these celebrities are just as human as we are they have every right to respond back if they want. They shouldn’t have to not respond back just keep in good with people that say they shouldn’t respond because they a celebrity. Keep doing you Tiny.

  8. This is why people troll Tiny and now they will be trolling harder after reading this interview because now they know she will probably react. Silence is the best way to deal with trolls they will eventually move on to something else but once you respond they won’t stop.

  9. I feel where she’s coming from. I mean everyone has a breaking point. And when people come for your family and your marriage, it’s just wrong on so many levels. So I won’t act like I don’t get her anger and desire to respond. The only thing is that’s what trolls want. They thrive off a reaction. I see people on Twitter who troll celebs get all excited when a celeb claps back. They feel actually accomplished by it. Smh.

  10. Meh. A celebrity is a celebrity…who happens to be human first. If responding to the negativity is bad, then it’s bad all across the board; not just for celebrities. “Regular” people go back and forth on social media all the time. Negativity feeds on negativity. Celebrities just so happen to get more of it because they’re on a higher platform. Responding or not responding shouldn’t necessarily be frowned upon due to their celebrity status more so than their personality/character in general. Just like they shouldn’t be looked to as the primary role model for children, they shouldn’t really be looked to handle things any differently than a “regular” person would. Aside from the money and notoriety, we have just as much to lose as they do in any given situation.

  11. Now that I hear her side on the matter, I’m Team Tiny on this one. She has a right to respond if that is what she wants to do. Yes, it may only make trolls go harder, but I respect that she’s human and gets mad like we all do sometimes.

  12. I don’t mind her responding but I just need her to work on her grammar because I don’t understand half the things she says or types. I still like her though because she seems like a sweet person.

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