Kanye Scraps ‘Yeezus’ Part 2 & Starts Working on Next Album

Photo Credit: Kenny Sun
Photo Credit: Kenny Sun

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye West reportedly postponed dates on his Yeezus tour because he has now decided it’s time for him to head back to the studio and start working on his next album. Originally it was reported that he felt confident in releasing a part two of “Yeezus” but we’re assuming he had a change of heart since the album is his lowest selling to date.

Kanye is also abandoning going for the “Yeezus” sound a second time and his associate DJ Million Dollar Mano confirmed on Twitter that Kanye doesn’t want any beats that share the same sound as his last album. Mano tweets:

All u producers making beats like the yeezus album should stop. We not on that. Moving forward!


  1. I don’t know anymore. I just feel like Kanye has changed too much for me to rock with him like I used to. But maybe he will surprise me and put out another album I’ll love.

  2. I’m here for it. I’m hoping he will not rush this album and put out something weak again like Yeezus. But we’ll see.

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