Draya is Done with BBWLA

Photo Credit: Instagram/Lance Gross
Photo Credit: Instagram/Lance Gross

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Basketball Wives LA” may have record ratings as of now since the show has been pretty much focused on Draya’s relationship and drama with Chantel Christie, but it appears the reality star is just about over her personal life being used as the show’s main focus.

Draya tweeted the following the other day after the episode aired:

draya twitter

Draya even claims that after next week’s episode airs, she won’t appear on any more episodes for the remainder of the season:

draya twitter 2

She later thanked VH1 for the opportunity and started tweeting about her swimsuit collection.


  1. She also said her and Orlando are a power couple. LMAO girl goodbye. She’s an idiot if she leaves the show now. No one is checking for her like she thinks!

  2. Draya will be be right back on BBWLA next season when she remembers that she doesn’t have much else. She’s just letting this little relationship blow her head up.

  3. Hopefully Draya will grow from this experience as a person. I think reality TV should be a way for you to build your brand, and then leave.

  4. As much as I enjoy her on the show, I really wouldn’t be mad at her if she left. The show has done what she wanted it to do. She now has some popularity and a following. Why not leave and have some peace? I say good for her if she really is done.

  5. Why is it hard to believe that this woman is over the show now? Maybe she saw herself fighting on TV with Sundy and realized it’s just not a good look because it isn’t. I hope she quits and lets someone else embarrass themselves for a check like Jackie and her daughter are so willing to do.

  6. Now she knows Pimp Shaunie will not have any of this. Shaunie will remind her of her contract on Twitter like she did Tami that time. lol

  7. I don’t blame her for being over it. This season has been a lot on her. First Sundy talks about her son and now her relationship has been dissected by everyone just for a storyline. But I do think she gave Jackie and Chantel exactly what they wanted when she popped up on them. She should have never done that. Now they feel important and she looks very insecure about her relationship.

  8. While I do think she doesn’t mean any of this, it would be cool to see more of these reality stars now coming to grips with the fact that these networks are pimping them out. There are better ways to make money man.

  9. Wow so the first man to ever claim this chick publicly now has her thinking she needs to quit the show when he was so thirsty to be on there himself.

  10. So what is she going to do when Orlando leaves her? Something about that dude just doesn’t seem right.

  11. LOL ! This girl who has been passed around through all the teams , slutted out by Chris Brown and only heaven knows how many more thinks this football player is go marry her/take care of her = Stripper bye! Remember it was only about 3 yrs ago this trick was broke and leaving her son up in a dirty apt hungry while she was bein hoe. Draya’s funny looking a-s needs that lil money she’s getting from this show.

  12. Yeah I doubt she will leave yet. She’s not as famous as she wants to be just yet. I see her doing at least one more season.

  13. Draya is tripping. She’s letting her relationship cloud her judgment. She still needs the check. I doubt Mint Swim is doing that well yet.

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