Colin Kaepernick Being Investigated for Sexual Assault

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Colin Kaepernick is reportedly quite the ladies man if the gossip contains any truth, but now the San Francisco quarterback is reportedly in some serious trouble as he is currently being investigated for sexual assault.

TMZ reports:

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is being investigated for a possible sexual assault at a hotel in Miami, Florida … law enforcement sources tell TMZ Sports.

We’re told the alleged incident took place at the Viceroy Hotel in Miami earlier this month.

Our sources tell us … the investigation is in its “beginning stages” and no charges have been filed against anyone at this point.


  1. This is why all of these professional athletes need to leave these groupies alone and they need to leave their enablers alone too. Nothing good comes from sleeping with random women and hanging around people who won’t look out for you and tell you when you’re making bad choices. Now if this turns out to be true, he will ruin his NFL career and he hasn’t even been in the league that long.

    1. Truth! I’m just struck that the woman is claiming she went to the hotel room with the 3 football players. Why would you even put yourself in that situation to begin with? Please don’t think I’m blaming her, because I’m not. I just think sometimes we need to use much better judgement.

  2. This is why he needs to leave those THOTs alone. He’s too thirsty and now he’s about to be caught up. Any man who can’t learn to control his little head with his big head will end up losing everything. He’s dumb.

  3. If this really happened he can kiss his career goodbye. Only white men get away with sexual assault in the NFL.

  4. Oh goodness. There are literally millions of women who will willingly sleep with him, so why do this? He’s really an idiot if he is guilty.

  5. We’ll see but I have a feeling this is really more about who Colin was hanging out with than anything else. I bet this is all on his friends and he didn’t have anything to do with this.

  6. There has to me more to this story. I just think Colin would have more sense than this. Maybe his friends raped the girl and he’s just being investigated because he was there when it happened. I hope he will be cleared from all of this.

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