Photo: So Does This Mean Erica Dixon & Lil Scrappy Are Back Together?

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Erica and Scrappy back together? Whispers in the streets of Atlanta suggest Erica Dixon and Lil Scrappy may be back together, and Erica didn’t rule out getting back together with her baby daddy especially since both of them are single again.

But this latest photo posted to Erica’s Instagram account has folks thinking the on and off couple are back on…again:

erica and scrappy back together




Now we know this isn’t exactly a confirmation that these two are indeed back together, but considering that they have also been reportedly spotted together plenty in Atlanta for the last couple of weeks as well, it’s looking more and more that way to us.


  1. I wish I could understand why Erica keeps entertaining Scrappy when she knows he will never put Momma Dee in her place.

    1. I think that they should get back together because I would be good for their daughter, and even tho they argue over and over again they love each other no matter what, NONODY CAN COME BETWEEN ERICA AND SCRAPPY, because they have real love, and momma dee is a good mother and all for protecting scrappy but sometimes she need to let him handle his own business like a man suppose to.

      1. That’s what I red somewhere a week or so ago. Don’t know how true it is but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Shay is pregnant.

  2. Smh. I really thought Erica would be smarter than this. Not only does Lil Scrappy have some serious mommy issues, but he can’t even be faithful to any woman he dates apparently. Why does Erica keep giving him so many chances? She should really move on.

  3. I hope this will be their last season. I’m tired of them. All they do is break up and get back together. It’s getting boring and predictable now.

  4. Now why would Erica let him slide back in when Bambi dumped him because he was missing around with Shay again? He’s never going to change!

  5. I sure hope they aren’t back together. As long as Momma Dee is around, it will never work between them.

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