Colin Kaepernick Breaks Silence on Sexual Assault Investigation

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Yesterday it was confirmed that San Francisco 49ers star quarterback Colin Kaepernick was linked to an investigation for sexual assault, but now more details have been released that suggest the NFL star may not even be directly involved.

The Sacramento Bee reports:

According to the report, the incident occurred April 1 when a woman went to Lockette’s apartment in Miami at 9 p.m. Kaepernick and Patton were there, and the woman made drinks and served shots to the players. She was also told “to drink the shots she had to ‘hit’ the bong which contained marijuana,” the report said.

The report continues to say that the woman felt light headed and went to a bedroom where she was later joined by Kaepernick, 26, with whom she had a sexual relationship in the past. Kaepernick then left the bedroom. The two did not have sex, she said in the report. The report says that Patton, 23, and Lockette, 27, peeked inside the bedroom and that the woman yelled at them to get out.

According to the report, the woman does not remember anything about the night after that. She woke up in a hospital bed the following morning not knowing how she got there. The woman, whose name is redacted, reported the incident to police on April 3.




Kaepernick broke his silence on the controversy and he says that he’s being lied on. He tweets (read tweets from bottom to top):

kaepernick twitter


  1. Boy bye. You are the one who has always been thirsty for hoes. Now you’re upset one of those hoes is out here playing dirty? Puhlease.

  2. This whole situation is just weird to me. So was she sexually assaulted or not? If not, this is a non story.

  3. Colin needs to tighten up! He’s a black quarterback, and black quarterbacks don’t get second chances too often. He needs to stop chasing after these hoes and start focusing on the damn game!

  4. It was only a matter of time before Colin’s thirsty a-s got into some trouble. He’s arrogant and doesn’t understand that these groupies don’t give a damn about him. But no one told his little funny looking a-s to be on Instagram hoeing any way.

  5. I hope he learns from all this. It’s time for him to get rid of some people in his circle and he needs to leave these random females alone. He’s too blessed to be risking it all for some foolishness.

  6. So there was weed smoking and drinking going on. Colin shouldn’t have been there in the first place. He needs to grow up and stop putting himself in risky situations. He’s the face of a NFL for crying out loud.

  7. Honestly as sad as it may seem even if he didn’t do anything wrong his image is still going to take a hit. That’s why it is crucial to realize who you have around you especially as an athlete or entertainer. They have so much to lose. I hope the truth comes out because if he did sexual assault her he needs to go to jail but if she is lying she needs to go to jail too.

  8. This guys looks like those terrorists they call the Talibans. He might have a good body and money but nah! He scares the hell outta me.

  9. Sigh…Colin really needs to sit back and reevaluate his life. He has no idea how easy it is to lose everything in the NFL for bad choices made in one’s personal life. People still give Mike Vick a hard time and he actually went to jail and served his time. He better be careful.

  10. You can live and learn, or be stupid and make the same mistakes over and over again. It’s up to Kaepernick at this point.

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