Floyd Mayweather & Shantel Jackson Call off Engagement

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Famed boxer Floyd Mayweather made headlines months ago when he confirmed that he was engaged to on and off girlfriend Shantel Jackson, but now it appears that the couple is once again back on the outs.

After several days of taking subliminal jabs at each other on their social media accounts, Shantel’s rep confirms to TMZ that the engagement is over and Shantel is moving on with her life. TMZ reports:

“Miss Jackson has moved on with her life from Floyd and is saddened that she has had to deal with many problematic and dramatic situations from the media since their break up.”

Jackson’s rep says Shantel’s Instagram account was mysteriously shut down in the wake of the split — and she suspects it was a hit job from someone she knows personally. We’re told Shantel is currently trying to get her account up and running again.




Shantel’s rep also claims that this time the couple is done for good.

Interestingly enough, this split comes after Shantel openly bragged about being completely okay with Floyd sleeping with other women because she believed allowing it would keep them together.


  1. I’m not surprised. I don’t think Floyd should marry anyone if he thinks he should be able to have multiple girlfriends on the side.

  2. Floyd is a great boxer but he has some issues with women that can’t be ignored. He seems controlling and he’s not monogamous. That’s a terrible combination.

  3. I don’t feel bad for Shantel at all. She was all arrogant about being ok with Floyd being a whore, and now she sees that he ain’t all that once you get past all the money he has.

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