‘Married to Medicine’ Star Dr. Simone Defends Dancing on Co-Star’s Husband

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is a Dr. Simone and Toya beef in the works? Bravo’s newer reality show “Married to Medicine” started its second season with a bang considering many of the stars of the show started beefing within the first thirty minutes. Dr. Simone has found herself the target of controversy because she danced with co-star Toya Bush Harris’ husband Eugene, and Toya felt it was very inappropriate and disrespectful to her marriage.

Check out a clip of the drama from last week’s episode below:




Dr. Simone thinks Toya is overreacting because she claims she was only playing around and she’s a married woman herself.

In her recent Bravo blog, Dr. Simone says Toya is just insecure:


I am totally disgusted that Toya would think my horsing around at the bowling alley was anything other than silliness. I was dancing on Dr. Eugene in a fun and joking manner. Never did I intend to evoke feelings of disrespect or disregard for my friend, Toya. Cecil and I have hung out with Toya and Eugene on numerous occasions and I assumed she knew that I respected her as my friend and love my handsome husband.

Toya’s insecurities have blown my silly little gestures completely out of proportion. As a mature and professional woman, I would have preferred a one-on-one conversation with my friend, Toya, about my actions and her interpretations so that we could resolve the matter. Instead, there was an attempt to publicly assassinate my character at Heavenly’s party like we were recreating a Shakespeare play on Broadway. If I wanted to star on Broadway, I would be in New York, not Heavenly’s house.




Apparently, things between Dr. Simone and Toya get so heated in the upcoming episode that they end up having a screaming match and getting in each other’s faces after an attempt to clear the air goes horribly wrong.

Check out the preview below:

Tune in tonight to see if the ladies can get past all the drama. “Married to Medicine” airs after tonight’s season finale of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”


  1. I think Dr. Simone wasn’t trying to be scandalous, but it’s just always best to never dance with anyone else’s husband.

  2. Simone just needs to apologize and keep it moving. Yeah she meant nothing from it, but if it offended Toya, she should just apologize for it out of respect for her marriage.

  3. But she did it right in front of her and she looked like she was joking around. Ugh Toya does the most all the time. Her and Mariah. Both of them are drama queens.

  4. It looked harmless but just to be respectful, I don’t think anyone should dance with someone else’s spouse if they aren’t ok with it. It’s just about being respectful.

  5. If Toya doesn’t sit her ghetto a-s down. The damn woman was just joking around! Damn! Toya must be trying to get in her second fist fight!

  6. 4REAL….NONE OF THE HUSBANDS R WRITE HOME TO MOMMA MATERIAL….if they weren’t DR.S would they even bother….

  7. Dr. Simone is a mess. You don’t need to dance with any else’s husband. It’s just wrong and as a wife, she should know better. But her marriage is on the rocks so maybe she really is clueless.

  8. I can’t STAND Toya. I can’t stand her voice, her teeth or her smile. She is so desperate for attention she did not have to confront Dr. Simone in front of those other women. Then she lied last night and said it was only her and Simone when she brought the issue up. Don’t nobody want no damn Eugene #Girlbye. Dr. Simone was clearly joking around when they showed the footage. Plus Dr. Simone’s husband Cecil is tall and handsome compared to Eugene’s short stubby looking azz.

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