Brandi Maxiell Speaks on Fight with Jackie Christie

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is a Brandi Maxiell, Jackie Christie fight to be expected this season of BBWLA? On the most recent episode, Jackie Christie went off after Draya and her boo Orlando Scandrick gave them a “pop-up” visit in hops to confront them about the text message drama. But in a preview of the upcoming episode, it appears Jackie may end up having even more drama with BBWLA newbie Brandi Maxiell.

Somehow both ladies end up getting into an argument during their trip to Paris, and at some point Brandi snaps and needs to be restrained by the rest of her cast mates after she catches Jackie taking off her shoes as if she wants to get physical.

Brandi talked a little about the situation on Twitter and she claims Jackie pushed her buttons on purpose to have a storyline since Draya didn’t go on the trip:

brandi maxielle twitter


  1. I’d love for Jackie to get slapped one good time. She starts most of the drama and needs to be checked.

  2. This is why I felt like Brandi shouldn’t have gotten on the show. They want her to be trashy and fight. It’s not a good look for her.

  3. Sigh what else is new. Jackie pushing people buttons and starting ish. I mean BBW has the same storyline but with different birds. New faces same storylines. Come on now Vh1 you better than this get a new reality going. BBW is sooo 2010.

  4. I don’t know what happened but Jackie isn’t worth it. That woman has some serious issues and I wouldn’t entertain her foolishness. Why did Brandi even agree to go to Paris with her? She should have did like Draya and stayed home.

  5. Well Jackie has to pick on someone because Draya isn’t there. She can’t try Malaysia because she knows Malaysia will fight. Sundy is her bestie for the season and Brittish barely films. So I guess that leaves Brandi.

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