LHHATL is Back: Pregnancies, Paternity Tests, Fights, Naughty ‘Home Videos’ in Season 3

stevie j child support
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The super trailer for season three of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” is officially out. We’re assuming the trailer will air on the network after tonight’s episode of BBWLA, but you can actually check it out now and get a glimpse of the drama to come.

Here’s our synopsis:

In the preview, Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez enjoy the newlywed life, while things heat up between Mimi Faust and her boo Nikko. Nikko convinces Mimi to make a Kim Kardashian type home video and as we reported back in November, they decide to leak it for storyline purposes. After they decided to sell the tape for a profit, Stevie threatens to take their daughter Eva away from Mimi. At some point, all of the drama leads to Nikko and Stevie fighting.

Lil Scrappy had a romance with former BBWLA star Bambi, but he appears to get his side chick pregnant. That’s when Bambi decided to cut her losses and move on. Not before she fights the side chick at a club of course.

Karli Redd has  a new boo in Young Joc, but apparently he’s not being faithful and when she confronts the other woman, they too end up brawling.

Rasheeda’s husband Kirk Frost is back to embarrassing his wife on national TV and he still doesn’t think their new baby is his. So he gets a paternity test and once again causes more drama in their marriage. Things also get worse when they hire a nanny who appears to be romantically interested in Kirk.

Waka Flocka and his fiancee are on the show as we reported months ago, and we will see their relationship troubles as Waka succumbs to the pressures of fame.

And as we reported a week or so ago, Benzino’s whole situation regarding him getting shot by his nephew was filmed. That and his fallout with Karli Redd as a result of him getting engaged to his new woman Thi Thi will be another cause of drama and ultimately violence.

Erica Dixon’s storyline this season will focus on her romance with an up and coming model O’Shea. That of course is now over and Erica and Scrappy are pretty much back together now.

Check out the trailer below:


  1. It’s so funny how LHHATL comes back on as soon as RHOA is over. These networks work together I swear. Anyway, I’m tired of Rasheeda looking weak on this show. She needs a backbone ASAP.

  2. I think this may be drama overload. I’ll still watch though. I’m just not anticipating it being as good as it was the first season.

  3. Kirk is disgusting. He really stuck that swab in that baby’s mouth all for this fake show. When that child grows up he will see how low his parents stooped for a paycheck. Smh!

  4. Mimi kills me crying with that low whisper “I have a daughter” Bish you wasn’t thinking about that when you were laying on your back and was on camera. Rasheeda still a damn fool for putting up with Kirk antics. Scrappy is still Scrappy a immature little boy who thinks he is a man. How he has two women fighting over him is beyond me. Karlie is still a disgrace and so desperate. I’m crying laughing when the chick said I absolutely am f-cking your man every night. These people are a mess lol

  5. The train wreck is back. I’m counting down until the ratchets officially return. Now this is what RHOA will look like in one more season with Kenya Moore as the new queen bee. LOL.

  6. LOL at Mimi’s terrible acting. She knows damn well she has been down to make that sex tape money since day one. I can never look at her the same. She’s officially a porn star. How pathetic.

  7. Mimi is so dumb. She’s not going to get millions from that tape. She ain’t a white woman so the Kim K thing ain’t going to happen for her. She’ll get about ten grand best, and her daughter will be teased for this when she grows up. Smh.

  8. Kirk ugly black burnt a-s makes me sick…who told him he was sexy…rasheeda is so pretty and can do so much better

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