Homewrecker Tea: Lil Scrappy’s Side Chick Calls out Bambi’s Scandalous Past

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Bambi, Erica beef in the works? So while everyone has been busy discussing Mimi Faust’s latest publicity stunt with her rumored fiancé Nikko, there’s more drama brewing between the stars of season three of LHHATL.

As we already reported, from the looks of the season’s super trailer, Lil Scrappy cheated on now ex-girlfriend Bambi and got another woman pregnant.

We’ve now learned that his side chick’s name is Erica Pinkett. Yes, Scrappy will possibly have two baby mamas named Erica.

As you saw in the trailer, Bambi gets into it with Erica in the club when she learns Erica slept with Lil Scrappy while they were together, and both end up throwing fists.

But now they are throwing jabs on Instagram. Erica started it off with this:

erica instagram

Bambi then clapped back with this:

Bambi instagram

bambi instagram 2

And Erica once again responded with this:

erica instagram 3 COPY

erica instagram 4

It’s going to be a long season.


  1. I just have one question. How does Scrappy keeping getting chicks to fight over him? Anyone have a explanation? These super lame dudes got chicks fighting over them. *scratches head* First Ray-J now Scrappy. I guess the thirst is real out here these streets. I just don’t get it.

  2. I guess the thirst for a storyline is real out here. Mimi got so desperate she got into the porn industry and now Bambi and this other random are pretending to want Scrappy. I guess.

  3. They are turnt up now I see since the show is almost back. But the girl’s name is Erica? Really? Sigh…

  4. All of them are just trying their hardest to get some camera time. And why wasn’t Erica Dixon in the trailer longer than 2 seconds? That was odd.

    1. I was wondering the same thing. Is Erica getting phased out the show? It seems that way. Now they even have a new Erica, literally.

  5. That Erica chick said she never slept with Scrappy. These broads will do anything to get on TV man I swear.

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