Columbus Short Just Can’t Get His Life Together

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you a few weeks ago that Columbus Short’s legal troubles were threatening his job on ABC’s hit show “Scandal” but it appears warnings to tone down his behavior from Shonda Rhimes didn’t do much to make him consider staying out of trouble.

According to reports, Columbus’ wife threw him out of their home and she’s telling police that the actor actually threatened to kill her.

TMZ reports:

According to a new restraining order — obtained by TMZ — Short got into it with his wife April 7 at their Chatsworth home, where she claims he came into her room intoxicated with a wine bottle in hand, acted like he was going to hit her with the bottle and then unloaded
the wine on her.

Tuere Short claims Columbus then ran to the kitchen for a knife, pinned her to the couch and began choking her. She says he then demanded they play a game he called “Truth or Truth.” He allegedly said if she lied he would stab her in the leg.

She says he then started naming men he believed she was having affairs with. She denied them all but he allegedly then put the knife to her throat and threatened murder/suicide. As she tried escaping she says he slashed her tire.




Oh and the actor’s wife has filed for divorce, yet again. We’re anticipating that Shonda Rhimes may be moving forward in replacing Columbus with another not so troubled actor since she has a known reputation of firing actors who get too much bad press.

However, the actor hinted in a recent interview that his wife isn’t being truthful. Columbus told Roland Martin this morning that the accusations made against him by his wife are “outlandish.”

If Columbus’ wife is indeed telling tales, his job with ABC could be safe.


  1. I really like him on Scandal. He has to get his life in order so Shonda won’t kill him off the show. She will do it now. That’s how she ruined Grey’s Anatomy for me.

    1. Man I hate how Shonda killed off all those people on Grey’s! She has really messed the show up! I’m trying to get back into it this season, but now Sandra Oh is leaving. If Shonda kills of Sandra I’m done for real. LOL.

  2. I like Columbus but his wife can’t be making this entire thing up he must be in denial. I honestly think he has some issues. Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

      1. Just a little busy with school,work, and personal life. Typical life stuff. I tried to get on UB yesterday and it wasn’t working. I was going crazy I thought they were punishing me for not checking in lol.

        1. I feel you girl. Yeah sometimes life gets a little real and you have to handle it. I’m glad you’re good though. 🙂

  3. I don’t think his wife is lying on him. Who’s the common denominator for all of his issues with his wife and other people? Him. He has anger issues. If he doesn’t come to terms with that, he will only get in more trouble and eventually lose his job.

  4. Nope. I don’t think his life is lying. He’s had violent issues on several other occasions with other people. Wasn’t he already on probation when he got in that bar fight too?

  5. Outlandish? He’s in denial. It’s a shame because he’s so fine. Ugh the fine ones are always the crazy ones.

  6. He needs more people. I don’t buy for a second his wife made this stuff up. He already has other charges for beating the snot out of other people. Boy bye.

  7. He picked a fine time to start acting up. I don’t understand why some people wait until they are successful to start showing out.

  8. That’s a pretty elaborate story. Especially the “truth or truth” thing. I don’t care how attractive/successful he is…. he needs help. And it’s evident that his success isn’t enough to make him get his act together. Assuming everything she said is true, I hope she actually gos through with the divorce this time. Dude sound hella dangerous…and unstable in the head.

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