Travel Agent Puts Kevin Durant on Blast

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kevin Durant is known for his squeaky clean reputation in a world where most athletes can’t seem to stay away from scandals, but many were perplexed as to why his engagement to WNBA star Monica Wright abruptly ended.

Interestingly enough, a travel agent has put the NBA star on blast with a lawsuit and she claims she has quietly booked flights and travel accommodations for many women per Durant’s requests.

TMZ reports:

TMZ Sports has obtained a lawsuit Durant filed against Lynn Swanson back in September — claiming she overcharged him by at least $500,000 for work she did from 2007 to 2012.

But Swanson fired back in docs of her own, filed in March, claiming she earned every penny from KD — by taking all of Kev’s high-maintenance requests … including late-night calls, last minute requests and confidential arrangements for special ladies.

In the docs, Swanson says she “not only paid numerous speeding tickets and parking tickets for the Durant team, she would also confidentially book flights and make hotel arrangements for numerous women and others on behalf of the Durant entourage — No Questions Asked!”




Swanson counter sued KD for about $100,000 but both parties had their suits dismissed and most likely settled outside of court.


  1. I can’t say I’m surprised by any of this. I did hope he would be different from the other athletes but I guess he’s not. Anyway, he just needs to be careful dealing with those groupies. A lot of them will try to get him caught up.

  2. He’s like Colin Kaepernick. He does a lot of his little dirt through Instagram. But he rushed into that engagement with Monica and I knew it wouldn’t last. She’s not the type to deal with what comes with being with a NBA player. She has way too much common sense for that.

  3. KD probably settled because he knew if he didn’t even more of this information would get out and it would ruin his image. If he was out here messing with other women like that, I’m glad he called things off with Monica. She deserves better from him anyway.

  4. Oh God no not my pretend boyfriend. I don’t want to believe this. Not my Kevin I thought he was better than this.

  5. He’s smarter than most though because he actually makes all the groupies sign confidentiality agreements.

  6. Isn’t this what they all do? I wish he wasn’t the typical athlete but the fact is most of them love hoes. They will miss it up with a real woman (Monica) just to have a few hoes on the side.

  7. The common denominator in these situations is always enabling friends. They won’t tell Kevin that he should leave these hoes alone because they want the hoes too. And then one hoe will get in and trap the celeb in the situation. And the next thing you know he’s fighting to keep himself from going broke over child support.

  8. I may be the only one but what she’s saying has nothing to do with nothing. She’s being sued because she probably overcharged him and his accountant notified her. If all her stuff was legit she would just keep her mouth shut and show receipts. Whether or not he has special friends going where ever is none of her business. She’s deflecting and she needs to get her receipts together

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