Kandi Burruss Says Kenya Moore Didn’t Stand a Chance in Porsha Williams Fight

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kenya Moore may have told Phaedra Parks to jump if she was feeling froggy in a recent episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but the Detroit native probably regrets talking smack to Porsha Williams because she actually did jump.

Not only did Porsha literally drag Kenya by her hair and hit her in the head numerous times at the filming for the reunion, but bystanders claim Kenya stood up as if she was ready to throw down and ironically got not one lick in.

Even Kandi Burruss had to admit she was shocked it was Porsha who got the upper hand in the altercation and poor Kenya didn’t even stand a chance.

Kandi tells Rickey Smiley:

“I guess you have to say Porsha won just out of the fact that Kenya never got to make a move.

“There was no love at the reunion. It caught us off guard. We had no clue that was about to happen.

“I never in a million years thought that Porsha would mollywhop her.”




As for Kenya, she claims she didn’t fight back because she is too classy to get violent on TV but it’s hard to forget she was the one who tried to fight Porsha in season five before being restrained by NeNe Leakes.

Either way, Porsha has now been charged with a misdemeanor, so we have to question if she still thinks attacking Kenya was really worth it.

Anyway, check out a clip from the interview below:


  1. I keep telling people being from the north won’t keep you from getting your a-s whooped in the south. #shrugs

  2. Kenya took a huge L. I saw the clips of Porsha ripping that scepter out of Kenya’s hands and throwing it on the floor after she tried to check her. Kenya ain’t queen of sh-t.

  3. I hate it even came to violence. These women should know better. But I have to say Kenya’s mouth is just as troubling as Porsha’s fists. Just like you should keep your hands to yourself, you should also be careful what you say and do to people. Both were wrong here.

    1. Thank you! I can respect someone who can see that both people were wrong! We have to stop pretending that words aren’t hurtful. They are! Some of the bullies that ended up pushing kids towards suicide didn’t even touch them! It’s what they said to those kids! Porsha finally snapped! It happens. Kenya needs to watch her mouth and stop stooping so low for ratings. What is all of this worth anyway? A few minutes of fame? I’m so disappointed with her. I used to really respect her.

  4. Maybe instead of bragging about the bullet with Phaedra’s name on it, Miss Bath Salts should’ve been taking boxing classes. “Empty vessels make the most noise!”

  5. I think Kenya may have gotten some nasty karma in this situation. She needs to stop bringing those stupid props to the reunion. It’s rude and unnecessary.

  6. People who lose a fight always have a excuse. Too classy huh but not that classy to flirt with a married man or fake a relationship. Girl bye! Kenya just need to take the L and keep it moving. She thought she was big and bad and got a much deserved beat down.

  7. LOL at Kenya’s excuse for not getting any hits in when we all saw her stand up the same time Porsha did. She’s not classy, and hasn’t been classy at all while she’s been on this show. All of them are on the same level to me. Ratchet. She lost plain and simple. Take some boxing lessons Kenya because if you keep running your mouth, it will happen again.

  8. Porsha stood up and pushed the hell out of Kenya before she grabbed her hair and took her down. Kenya looked shocked as hell. I thought she may have planned all this to bait Porsha but after seeing some of it, I don’t think she did at all. She really was shocked. All she could so is lay on the ground and scream out of embarrassment. Porsha got in that a-s.

  9. Kenya loves to hit below the belt but when it’s done to her she wants to scream victim. It’s getting real old now. If you want to say gutter ish, expect someone to get gutter on your face.

  10. Ugh I love Kenya. But I really wish she would have fought back. She had every right to defend herself so I don’t know why she didn’t. Now her haters will never let her forget this happened. Smh.

  11. Kenya is so fraudulent. She’s the self proclaimed epitome of class and intelligence, yet, she felt it necessary to bring a scepter and a bullhorn to the reunion only to drum out a bunch of childish drivel. She’s the complete opposite of witty, and I have yet to see her display the poise and intelligence she puts forth in her Bravo blogs. I don’t condone physical violence but Kenya got exactly what she asked for.

  12. Physical violence is never the answer. I’m shocked and appalled by some of the responses here. smh. LOL!!

  13. Funny how Kenya’s supporters say violence is bad but they didn’t say anything when Kenya tried to hit Porsha last season and when she told a pregnant Phaedra she would knock her teeth out. Oh and Kenya is a bully. At some point, every bully gets a taste of their own medicine. Words have power too and the things she says to these other women is verbal abuse. If you’re going to say Porsha was wrong for getting violent, then you have to say Kenya was wrong too for being so verbally abusive to these other women. And to bring a bullhorn and scream in these women’s faces and point a wand in Porsha’s face was wrong too. I’m sick and tired of anyone calling Porsha out without also calling out Kenya. I think I am done watching this show after this season. I will not keep supporting evil bullies who tear people apart for a paycheck. Kenya is the worst. I do not feel sorry for her. More people need to stand up to bullies!

    1. Don’t pay Team Twirl any mind. They literally laughed and thought it was cute when Kenya told Phaedra she would knock her teeth out while she was pregnant. And if Kenya would have done what she wanted to do last season and punched Porsha, they would be excusing that too. They have morals only when it’s convenient. Just like Kenya.


  15. The politically correct thing to say is that no one should ever get violent. But one also needs to understand that one should never say anything just to hurt a person or taunt someone either. There are numerous occasions where I felt like Kenya has said some very harsh things and she continues to do this because she thinks being nasty is required to become the queen of this show. So since that is what she was willing to do, she has to understand there’s always a consequence. My mom taught me when I was young to always understand that I’m not too big of a person to get seen about. In other words, know who you’re talking junk to. And know who you’re squaring off with because nowadays, someone will hurt you. Yes, Porsha should have kept her hands to herself, but once Kenya hit below the belt the bets are off. Kenya should not have counted on no one slapping her after she plays dirty. That’s not realistic.

  16. Ain’t nobody going to feel bad for Kenya when she has been as terrible as she’s been all season long. I’m telling you acting like a immature bird on this show better be worth it in the end for her because right now I don’t see how this will even benefit her longterm.

  17. Some people are saying Porsha is not cut out for the show because she attacked Kenya but I don’t think Kenya is cut out for the show either. No other housewife has had to bring props to the reunion to make a point. Their reads were sharp enough. Kenya’s reads are weak so she has to use gimmicks and props. And watch NeNe read her to filth again, Phaedra too.

    1. Phaedra has read Kenya for filth? When was this? Calling someone diaper booty, escapee from whore island, and having scrambled eggs all because your husband’s mouth starts watering at the mention of the other woman is just misplaced frustration. I will say that Nene has gotten in quality shade, but Phaedra is very clumsy and forced with her comments because she’s angry at the wrong person.

      1. Yes, I said Phaedra has read Kenya for filth (but that’s not really hard to do). Casper the Friendly Boyfriend was easily the best line of the night while Kenya needed a bullhorn to take on Porsha and ended up being dragged by Porsha within minutes. LOL. But that’s MY opinion. You can have yours, while I’ll have mine. Kenya ain’t capable of handling anyone on that show except Porsha. She just doesn’t fit in. #shrugs

  18. It happened. It’s over now. Let’s move on. Why keep talking about it? We all know voilence solves nothing.

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