August Alsina Spills the Tea on Other Recording Artists

Photo Credit: Madame Noire
Photo Credit: Madame Noire

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer August Alsina made headlines recently after he went off on “106 & Park” host Keshia Chante for asking him about his beef with Trey Songz, but we’re starting to think he’s quickly becoming one of those artists who has a knack of giving controversial interviews.

In a recent interview with Madame Noire, the up and coming singer actually defended why he won’t “go down” on a woman and he also dished about the behind the scenes drama that occurs at industry parties for some of today’s major recording artists.

When asked why he’s so against pleasuring a woman orally, August says it’s because he feels he’s just too young for that right now:

“I don’t know why people make a big deal out of it. It’s like got d*mn, a n*gga don’t eat p*ssy. I’m young…I guess people…that’s just what’s going on. People just, everybody eating everybody p*ss. I’m cool right now. One day, of course.”


August also expressed that he refuses to let the music industry change who he is and he won’t cave in to peer pressure to do things he doesn’t want to do. He recalls partying at a recent industry party and witnessed other artists doing drugs. But he claims he won’t partake in drugs unless he wants to:

“None of these people don’t influence me. I’ve been had a mind of my own. And I’m very secure with myself and who I am. I’m very aware of who I am as a young man. Can’t nobody influence me to do nothing I don’t want to do like people around here snorting c*caine and stuff at these major parties and all that. I ain’t worried about that. I’m not going to snort no c*caine unless I want to snort some c*caine. And that’s what it is.”



  1. I still think he’s wack but I can respect him for not allowing peer pressure to change him. Hopefully he’ll hang on to that mindset.

  2. “I’m not going to snort no c*caine unless I want to snort some c*caine. And that’s what it is.” >>> N-gga what?

  3. You want to give him some points for this but then he says he will basically get on cocaine when he’s good and ready. *side eye*

  4. Yeah a lot of people are doing drugs at those industry parties and if people don’t have enough sense they can end up getting caught up. Hollywood is a very dark place.

  5. Some people are a little bit too real in their interviews. Now why do we need to know about his beliefs on giving head? Sir….we don’t need to know you think you’re too young to please a woman with those little lips of yours. Good grief.

  6. He sounds so young and naive. I bet he expecting a female to go down on him though. He ain’t giving no head don’t expect a real female to hold you down than youngin. I was feeling him and his music but all these interviews he has been giving is turning me off.

  7. Guys he is only 21, with no media training. His album is pretty good. I think if he cleans up his interviewing skills a bit he will be a success in the music industry. I guess the point he his trying to make is that he is a leader and not a follower as some of his fellow artist are in the industry. He clarified himself on the Breakfast club about the oral sex thing… he was saying that he don’t just randomly go around doing it on these ladies as it is probably being done to him in the industry he is in. He said that a special women to him, then yes he will please her. So again, remember he is just 21 and not a straight out of college 21, but straight off the block 21. Give him some time.

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