Chantel Christie Admits She Only Blew up the Orlando/Draya Situation to Get on BBWLA

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Jackie Christie’s daughter Chantel Christie made headlines when she got into a huge public beef with Draya over claims that she dated Draya’s boo Orlando Scandrick first.

While Chantel claims they had a text message relationship while he was dating Draya, Draya claims they communicated while she and Orlando were on a break.

Either way, both ladies have taken nasty shots at one another on social media ever since. But now Chantel pretty much admits she blew up the whole situation for “entertainment” purposes. Basically, she used a minor situation as a way to get on TV.

She tells the Hip Hop Socialite:

“I addressed it as being something minor. Granted, everybody goes, ‘If it was minor, why did you bring it up?’ At the end of the day, why do you guys watch reality TV for? This is entertainment; everybody just calm down and relax. At the end of the day, this is what it was, and it should have never got to this point. It blew up into something way bigger than what it should’ve been, but when you come for me, and I’m called names, and I’m this, and I’m a ho, I gotta send for you. So yes, it’s going to turn into something ugly, but this could’ve easily been prevented.”


  1. She is her mother’s daughter messy as hell. Well it backfired on her because everybody seen how desperate and pathetic she is.

  2. We knew this already. But Draya shouldn’t have even let her get all that shine from the situation. But because she was insecure about her relationship, she helped Chantel get even more camera time.

  3. So what was getting on BBWLA supposed to do for her? Help her sell that flop album? Sell her flop makeup line? I don’t understand.

  4. LMAO all of them be trying to use Draya for a storyline. Too bad that got Sundy Carter’s bird a-s a black eye!

  5. She’s so bitter. She can pretend she did all this just to get on the show but when she saw Draya and Orlando together, those emotions were real. She’s salty as hell.

  6. She’s such an idiot. Why tell on yourself? We already thought you were pathetic, but why confirm it for us? Smh.

  7. The only way it got blown out of proportion as this bird says is by her dumb a-s ancient a-s messy messy childish mother. These Christie girls did not stand a chance with a sociopath for a mother. Doug Chrisite were are you? What is wrong with you? There has to be SOMETHING if you allow your wife to make a FOOL of herself for money?? Poor kids……I am not a fan of anyone particul on the show I just see what I see and it scares the hell out of me. Like Jackie Christie is a real person?> She believes her own hype?! I feel SO SO SO sorry for Chantel..because she appears clueless and blindly follow her mom even when her mom basically leads her to the Lions Den. At least the other sister has common sense. She is a smart girl to stay away from Wacko Jacko…..

  8. Chantel is just as SHADY as her low downned, low life mother.
    I hate Chantel and her low life mother Jackie Christie.
    Jackie Christie a true trouble maker, and then she tries to pretend that
    she had no idea there would be a problem. Someone needs to give her a good thrashing.
    Do these people on this show not remember what a creep she was on season1?

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