‘Married to Medicine’ Star Dr. Heavenly Says Black Women Need to See More Submissive Women on TV

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Dr. Heavenly is a newbie on Bravo’s hit show “Married to Medicine” and just one episode in to season two, she’s already managed to rub two of her cast mates the wrong way with some of her recent comments.

In particular, Dr. Simone and Dr. Jackie aren’t fond that the dentist throws her submissiveness to her husband in their faces and she told both doctors that they need to submit to their own husbands more because that is what real wives are supposed to do.

In a new interview with Sister 2 Sister Magazine, Dr, Heavenly goes a step further and makes it clear that she thinks all black women should submit to their husbands and there should be more women like her on television.

She says:

“I submit to my husband. I make my husband’s food. I take care of the household. I understand my role as a wife and a mother.

“Black women need to see a woman who takes care of a household, who’s married with children and that’s not seen a whole lot.”




Interestingly enough, Dr. Heavenly also has no qualms calling her husband “Daddy” in public.


  1. Oh goodness. Look, I think people have to come up with their own rules for their marriage. If being submissive works for you, great! If it’s not your cup of tea and your husband is cool with it, great! I’m so tired of people acting as if being submissive is a requirement to be a good wife. That’s such an archaic view to marriage. Different strokes for different folks.

    1. I have to agree. What works for some won’t work for all. In my marriage, we have a partnership. We actually discussed what roles we wanted to play in our union before we got married. We didn’t let gender roles enforced by society shape our choices either. #shrugs

  2. I wish men were told to submit to their wives. For some reason the old school way of thinking is that marriage is only meant to please the man. I can’t get with that.

  3. She annoys me because she thinks her way is the only way. What may work for Dr. Heavenly and her husband may not work for others. Smh.

  4. Why do people like this lady equate submissiveness as the only trait to being a good wife. I’m not married but I would think it is much more to marriage than just being submissive. But whatever.

    1. Thank you! You can submit to your husband all day but that doesn’t mean your marriage will work! I’ve seen that happen time and time again! It’s much more to it. And to tell you the truth, not all men are created equal.

  5. So a woman is supposed to be obedient to a man and not think for herself to be a good wife according to this lady and all the bible thumpers? Very sad thinking indeed.

  6. Nah, black women need to see a variety of ourselves on TV. And we should also be able to come up with our own views on what marriage is supposed to be.

  7. Girl please! I didn’t like the way she came at Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone! She basically told them they weren’t good wives because they didn’t let their husbands boss them around and because they work full time. I can’t stand women like that. Not all of us want to wait hand hand and foot on a man! Some of don’t want to be housewives either! And that is ok!

  8. To each its own but you shouldn’t force every woman to behave like you do in marriage. Not every marriage operates the same way.

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