NeNe Leakes Ponders Pressing Charges Against Kenya Moore

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last night part one of the season six RHOA reunion aired, and as promised, the dragging Porsha Williams gave Kenya Moore was finally shown in full.

It happened so quickly that we have to admit we were still a little shocked that Porsha was able to grab a handful of Kenya’s tresses and literally slammed her head on the ground and then dragged her across the floor before producer Carlos King restrained her.

Despite being asked to leave and recoup (Andy Cohen even told Porsha she needs to apologize to Kenya), the other ladies with the exception of Cynthia and Kenya felt that Miss USA deserved the literal dragging she got from Porsha.

And NeNe went off on Twitter about it last night too. She tweets (read from bottom to top):

nene leakes twitter

Now Team Twirl is claiming that Kenya set up Porsha and Porsha fell for it (we reported that rumor a couple of weeks ago) but now that we saw the whole thing in full, we can say Kenya’s eyes got so big when she was getting grabbed and dragged by the hair that we don’t think this was part of her plan. We think neither Kenya or the producers thought that Porsha would actually do anything.

porsha drags kenya



As of this morning, #TeamPorsha is trending on Twitter. But check out the video below and give us your thoughts.


  1. Kenya should be told to apologize as well. The props were too much and screaming at someone with a bullhorn is way out of line. Andy has clearly found a new favorite in Kenya. If this favoritism continues, I might have to stop watching.

  2. Porsha dragged that heaux across the floor like baggage she’s taking on the Underground Railroad! LMAOOOO!

  3. Thank you UB for making this post the first post because I need to vent. I am so done with RHOA and I’m dead serious this time. Kenya provokes Porsha with a scepter and a bullhorn and Andy who is suppose to be unbiased runs to Kenya’s aid like she is the victim and didn’t do anything wrong. WTF?!?!? He drills and questions Porsha but doesn’t say a word to Kenya about her having props to provoke Porsha. I see what’s up Andy’s in Kenya’s corner no matter how wrong she is. I’m not down with that so they won’t be getting another rating from my house. It’s obvious they want Kenya to be the star of the show and will uphold her in her wrong so let her be the star of the show and let it die. I swear if Porsha is fired people need to boycott and petition against RHOA.

    1. I agree. I’m like you and I’m seriously thinking about being done with the show completely. Why does Kenya have the power to do what she wants to these women? Even NeNe has limits. Kenya has none and when people respond, she plays the victim. It’s disgusting.

    2. Girl yes! If they fire Porsha I’m done! I’ll read about it on here but I’m not giving them any more ratings!

    3. It’s funny that you say that because I was thinking about all of this last night. It’s to the point that I don’t even know if I want to keep watching. Kenya has really gotten on my last nerves. And the fact that Andy is caping for her lets me know it may be time for me to stop watching and just stick to VH1 for my reality show fix.

  4. Kenya actually deserved more than she got. If you got a mouth, you need to learn how to defend yourself. If not, stop talking trash. #TeamPorsha

  5. Did anyone notice how Andy sat there and smirked as Kenya pointed that scepter in Porsha’s face and used the bullhorn. Y’all we need to stop supporting this show. Bravo is laughing at us.

    1. Yes I noticed that and I was hot last night when I watched because it is so obvious Andy is Team Kenya. I’m no longer watching RHOA anymore I have decided because it is turning into Kenya Moore show and I’m not down with that.

    2. I, too, noticed and I was completely disgusted. I was done when he made that comment about wanting the scepter back after Porsha threw it on the floor. I stopped watching the show mid-season but now I know I will not we watching the next season.

  6. I’m done with this show. For Andy to tell Porsha she should apologize and Kenya is not held responsible for those props, it’s just not cool. I won’t even watch the rest of the reunion. I told y’all Kenya would be the one to ruin this show. Mark my words. It’s happening.

    1. I said the same thing at the conclusion of last season. If they keep it up this show is a sinking ship, just like the other Housewives shows.

  7. Everyone knows I love Kenya. But after seeing the whole thing last night, I’m starting to feel like Kenya was wrong too. People have breaking points. I really wish Kenya would admit her wrongdoings too in all of this. The bullhorn was wrong. And I don’t think she should talk about someone’s divorce like that.

    1. I respect you for at least being mature enough to admit your fave was wrong. Most people won’t do that. #MuchRespect


  9. Kenya is a bully. She is without a doubt the nastiest and meanest woman on that show. I realized last night when everyone ran to console Porsha and no one went after Kenya that they were all tired of her. All of them look beat up and literally over the whole show. I do believe that Kenya was hired by the producers to cause chaos and more division. Even Phaedra was teary eyed for Porsha. This show is going downhill fast.

  10. I enjoyed that dragging Kenya got but I also got a little sad because I realized last night that it’s the end of an era. RHOA is going into a direction that will ultimately be its demise. We’ll see if Kenya takes the blame for the show’s decline like she does its ratings.

  11. So Andy was so disgusted that Porsha snapped but he was tickled by Kenya’s bullhorn and scepter? Interesting.

  12. They better not fire Porsha! If so, they are basically saying that it’s ok to taunt and bully people! In the real world, people have breaking points. People snap! They get upset and sometimes they fight! But the people that provoke these people into these reactions should also be held responsible! And Kenya is no queen. She’s an evil puppet who has no limits in what she will do for a Bravo check! I’m sick of her!

  13. The blatant favoritism Andy now has for Kenya lets me know that they want her to cause all the drama that she does. In fact, they might actually be encouraging her to be messy and have been all season. She was way more “turnt up” than she was her first season. It all makes sense now. I’m sure they want to fade NeNe off the show too. I don’t know if I will watch next season if Porsha is fired. I can’t support Kenya’s BS. Sorry.

  14. I will now replay this video every single time Kenya says she’s from Detroit so I can get a good laugh. Thanks Porsha.

  15. It’s all about ratings to Bravo. Let’s be honest, most people watched last night to see the fight. Porsha is without a doubt the most talked about person on RHOA right now. She’s even trending on twitter, not Kenya. They will bring her back. It would be bad business to not take advantage of her new found fan base and huge increase in supporters.

  16. I’m happy Kenya got dragged but I’m sad for Porsha because you can tell she’s still a better person than Kenya is despite all the foolishness. Porsha has a heart. Kenya does not. She’s rotten to the core.

  17. Porsha was the one to attack Kenya yet everyone ran to her aid and the producer carried her away like a princess. What the hell? lol

  18. I ready for Kenya to be gone! She provoked that girl and although I’m not one for fighting, Kenya deserved that dragging and should’ve gotten alot more. This woman is nasty and brings nothing to this show but negativity. And i’ve still questioned from the beginning of her being on the show how the hell someone who is NOT married NEVER been married even get on the show?? The show had drama before she got there and could’ve survived without her. If i wanted to watch a bunch of hoes act up and have uncessary drama I could watch vh-1 for that!

  19. I genuinely felt bad for Porsha after watching last night. The part that really got to me was when Porsha said “I’m sorry guys.” That let me know she really went into that reunion trying to put her best foot forward, but unfortunately she allowed Kenya to pull her down. I can’t even say she was “wrong” at this point because I’ve been in that same position before. Whatever the outcome, I wish Porsha the best. This will only be a bad experience if she doesn’t learn from it.

    I’ve reached the end of the road with RHOA; at this rate the show is heading for a brick wall.

  20. Am I the only one who misses the laughs I used to get from this show? It’s just too nasty now. I want to go back to the days where they could throw some light shade and kick it each other and be silly. Since Kenya has been moved up to the fake queen of the show, it has gotten so vile. It’s not fun to watch anymore. I think I need to stop watching because the nastiness Kenya brought to the show is now being reenacted by her fans. They call Porsha, NeNe, Kandi and Phaedra all kind of animal names like black women don’t get called animals by racists on a regular basis. Smh.

  21. Andy should be happy Porsha dragged Kenya because besides that, the first part of the reunion was boring. None of the women besides Porsha entertained Kenya. It’s like they decided to shut her down and pay her no mind. And if they ignore her antics next season, the show will be boring because Kenya isn’t entertaining unless she is getting a reaction out of someone.

  22. Kenya is satan in a ballgown. Notice everyone else looks emotionally drained, hurt and upset about it and she’s unbothered. She’s a cold b-tch. I can see why she has an empty life. She’s a beautiful woman with an ugly personality. That has kept her single for all these years and I’m sure why she hasn’t had much success since winning Miss USA.

  23. I’ve been done with this show ever since Kenya’s dumb a-s fans tried to pass her off as the beacon of exceptional intelligence. It doesn’t take smarts to get on TV and stir the pot. None of these b-tches are playing chess. If they were, they would be in Andy’s position. He is getting paid millions to watch birds fight and bicker on TV while he sits back and smirks. All of them are idiots.

  24. If Andy was so disgusted, then why air the fight then?! He’s just as messy as Kenya. Porsha should not be fired because Kenya should not be allowed to taunt people with those stupid props like Nene said. She had that a$$ whooping coming. Then the fight was over as soon as it began, so Andy needs to sit her a$$ down someplace. Then to tell Porsha she should apologize. Really? They have gotten physical before on the show, and no one was fired so why now? Prime example, when Nene choked Kim’s a$$ out, no on was fired and when Sheree yanked Kim’s hair no one was fired then either. And they fight on the other RH shows all the time. Please!

  25. I think im the only one who feels that Andy wasnt really on team twirl. I feel like he basically covered his own a-s by asking Kenya was she ok. He didnt even really walk into Kenya’s room,he even looked slightly annoyed. But when he talked to Porsha he seemed genuinely concerned about her side. But thats my view

  26. Kenya has been calling Porsha dumb and stupid for two seasons now, and Porsha just proved Kenya right by physically assaulting her. Porsha doesn’t think before she speaks, and now we’ve seen she doesn’t think before she acts. Porsha needs to take accountability for her actions. Both ladies are wrong, but Porsha definitely crossed the line. They owe each other apologies.

  27. Kenya just opened up a can of worms she’s going to regret opening. She thinks she’s smarter than everyone else, but her true colors have been revealed and people are fed up.

  28. Why do I feel guilty having hit the replay button 3 times on that dragging now?? *slowly hits reply again*

  29. Porsha is an idiot i feel like both ladies came for each other evenly everyone stop babying porsha she is a grown woman smh
    regardless of what kenya said remember porsha had some things to say to but kenya never approached her or hit her regardless of what was said all the ladies come for each other and its crazy that everyone thinks porsha was in the right she made a fool of herself and she should be ashamed and fired. There are consequences to behaviors like that she thinks it was okay smiling in her mugshot she is not the victim at all

    1. Chile bye. You’re in the minority here and the majority of the internet. Most people would have dragged Kenya too for screaming at them with a bullhorn in their faces. Kenya could have busted Cynthia and Porsha’s eardrums being as close as she was. Andy Cohen is also wrong for sitting back and allowing it. He thought the viewers would love it, but he was wrong. Now he’s trying to backtrack on Twitter. I’m going to enjoy the backlash your leader gets for all of this. Oh wait, it’s already starting. Too bad her little statement has just made her look much worse. Kenya’s plan backfired and now people are finally seeing who the true bully is.

      1. Don’t even worry about it. Team Twirl is having a major breakdown right now because they thought their role model Kenya Moore would be the one people would side with in all this, but now they see the majority of the viewers are Team Porsha. Why? Because we understand where Porsha is coming from. And Bravo thought Kenya would be labeled the victim in this situation but she’s actually the bully and most of us can see it. And Team Twirl is seething. The producers created a huge mess and it all could have been avoided if Andy would have told Kenya to put away the props. This is the beginning of the end of this show if they don’t call out Kenya and ban the use of props. I know I will be done if she is not called out.

  30. I’m a successful college educated woman, but I can’t promise that I wouldn’t punch Kenya in the face if she stuck a bullhorn in my face and called me a dumb ho. There’s a time to be politically correct and there’s a time to be real. This is one of those times that people are getting real and admitting they would have reacted like Porsha did. And in the real world, what Kenya did would not have been tolerated by MOST people. It is what it is.

  31. Kenya can lose the whole victim argument. Everyone saw her taunt Porsha since season five just bc Porsha accidentally called her Miss America. She has hated her since then. And she bought that scepter to the reunion to show that she has authority over everyone else. She’s a messy bish that got what she deserved. If she keeps trying to play that sympathy card, it will backfire on her.

  32. Kenya Moore stood her ground with class and humor at the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion even though those ratchet women tried to gang up on her. Nene and Phaedra are just mad that all together they are too weak to verbally or intellectually take her. So they sent the moron manchild, Porsha to use vulgarities on Kenya that showed even further that Porsha cannot construct a sentence without crass or ghetto lingo. She couldn’t think of any verbal comeback for Kenya so she referred to her vagina way too many times. Made me uncomfortable. When Kenya asked her to spell SCEPTER I almost died, and everyone laughed because they knew she couldn’t. Porsha didn’t attack Kenya because she felt taunted, she attacked her because she failed to stand verbally toe to toe with her and resorted to immature, violent behavior. Gross is right, she then blamed Kenya for making her do it. Very ghetto, Porsha, please leave.

    1. Please tell me what’s classy about using a bullhorn and calling someone a “dumb ho” with it. There’s nothing classy about Kenya or any of these women. I swear Team Twirl has the lowest standards I have ever seen. Y’all get impressed too easily for me and don’t know a thing about class. And if y’all put intellectual in the same sentence with Kenya Moore one more time, I may barf. LOL at y’all labeling ratchet behavior as intellect. If she was so smart, she wouldn’t have needed the bullhorn or the scepter to prove she was some “queen.” She made a fool of herself and most of social media agrees. And she can never come up with decent comebacks for Phaedra or NeNe. Phaedra flustered her with the Velvet shade and she had to resort to cursing like the ratchet she is because she’s really not witty. Get out of here. I swear all of this makes me realize more and more that Team Twirl is the group for people who believe things after they are repeated enough times. No need for facts, right? Smh.

  33. Kenya was out of line for the props but she never threatened Porsha. She certainly taunted but never threatned. Porsha taunted “slut from the 90s”, no one will claim you, threatened to put the scepter up her a-s and the grabbed her. I, as an adult am responsible for my actions and expect to be held accountable for them, good or bad. Porsha must be held accountable for her actions. What is acceptable in the street is not in court. Twitter#TeamPorsha, State of Georgia#TeamKenya. Both ladies were at fault.

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