Mama Joyce to Get Her Own Reality Show?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mama Joyce was easily one of the most talked about people during season six of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and it’s her outspokenness about Kandi’s new husband Todd Tucker that has made her one of the most controversial RHOA topics in a very long time.

However, Mama Joyce may have bigger plans than simply securing her own peach considering rumor has it she may be in talks to get her own reality show.

Apparently Mama Joyce and some other notable moms are reportedly just steps away from becoming reality stars in their own right.

The YBF reports:

Now…there aren’t many details but a source revealed names of the cast who are currently in the process of creating foolywang tv.

“RHOA” star Kandi (Burruss) Tucker’s mom Mama Joyce, “Family Hustle” star Tiny’s mom Dianne, “LAHH ATL” star Rasheeda’s mom Shirlene, Atlanta rapper Cash Out’s mom, an up-and-coming Atlanta rapper K Camp’s mother who goes by Mama Camp and fallen rapper MC Breed’s widow, Natasha Breed.

Our source tells us filming for the show has already started and it’s currently being shopped to television networks.


  1. I knew she had a plan. And Kandi probably helped her out. I can’t even hate. Get that check Mama Joyce.

    1. Please remind Kenya Moore and her 5 fans that it was Mama Joyce who made the show this season. Thanks!

  2. I’ll pass. It’s bad enough 40 plus year old women are acting like 15 year olds on RHOA, but an actual 60 year old fool is even worse. No thanks.

  3. This explains everything. The whole time Mama Joyce was throwing shoes at people, she was really trying to get her own show. I wonder if Kandi is ok with her momma looking stupid for some reality money.

  4. Ugh. This old bird needs to sit her a-s down someplace. The only reason she was entertaining is because they kept her old a-s drunk for days. The other days, she’s just a mean old b*tch with that annoying a$$ voice. Whether she was turning up for TV or not, she too old to be acting a damn fool like that but want respect as someone’s mother. SMDH

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