Porsha Williams Calls out Cynthia, Addresses Firing Rumors

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Porsha Williams was asked to go home after she dragged Kenya Moore across the floor by her tresses, and RHOA producer Andy Cohen says he felt it was best since Porsha told him she was not emotionally prepared to finish filming the reunion.

Cynthia made it clear on the second part of the reunion that she is not siding with Porsha in the least bit, and she even claimed that she didn’t feel the props were that invasive that Porsha should have been so upset.

Porsha wasn’t having it. She tweeted the following (read tweets from bottom to top):

porsha williams twitter

Porsha’s supporters even had receipts that prove Cynthia was annoyed and fearful by the props herself:

porsha followers clap back

In related news, Porsha also addressed rumors suggesting she’s already been fired and won’t return next season. She tells a follower her fate has not been decided yet:

porsha twitter 2


    1. Girl she’s mad. Cynthia knows damn well she was annoyed by that bullhorn but she’s going to lie because she’s made an alliance with Kenya. She’s full of sh-t.

  1. I agree with Porsha. Cynthia is passive aggressive ands she’s messy. She sat there and acted annoyed when the scepter was in her face and winced when the bullhorn was in her ear. But she tells Andy it wasn’t bothering her? Girl have a stadium of seats. She has no backbone at all!

  2. Yeah and this is why Cynthia changed her mind when she got on WWHL. Porsha called her out and now she’s saying Kenya should not have put that scepter in her face. Cynthia can’t stand for anything. She really does blow with the wind.

  3. They just need to go ahead and fire Cynthia! Keep Porsha and replace Cynthia with someone who actually has a spine!

    1. So you think women who fight have spine.. no they lack brains and education,. fighting with words is better than using your fist.. No women can think clearly when her fists are clenched.

    1. No Cynthia is smart and has class she doesn’t have to argue or fight women on the show to make herself relevant.. Women who do that, are lacking attenion so they bring on the drama.

  4. Cynthia’s new bestie is Kenya but Kenya has already shown she doesn’t respect Cynthia either. If she did, she would not have put that bullhorn in her ear and pointed that scepter in her face while trying to upset Porsha. And didn’t they argue on Kenya’s first episode too? The cycle continues. Cynthia now has a new master who doesn’t respect her.

  5. Cynthia is getting dragged so bad right now. If she doesn’t get an offer to come back next season, this was all in vain because we all know that’s what this is really about.

  6. Porsha grew on me this season. I thought she was a ding-bat. She can be ditzy but she is harmless and I have to agree with her on this one. I was wondering why Cynthia didn’t speak up and tell Kenya to knock it off with waving that sceptor across her and talking in that bullhorn. I wonder how Cynthia would feel if she was on the receiving end of Kenya’s antics. Cynthia doesn’t impress me and it was apparent to me that her and Peter were trying extra hard this season to secure their place on the show. If they leave the show today it wouldn’t be a great loss. If they do leave they can take Kenya’s annoying !@# with them.

  7. I knew from season one cynthia was shyfe, she can never tell a story correctly, she likes to go back and repeat shyt shes heard, shes a doormat for the wrong people, shes boring and never admits when she has f’d up, just as kenya talks in circles to get u to side with them unless ur smart enough to see thru their b.s. like nene does. cynthia and kenya can both take. A hike.

  8. I must agree with Porsha this time, Cynthia is SO fickle and she goes whichever direction the wind is blowing. Cynthia is trying to remain relevant on RHOA.

  9. I must agree with Porsha this time, Cynthia is SO fickle and she goes whichever direction the wind is blowing. Cynthia is trying to remain relevant on RHOA.

  10. Is the best part of the show the finale? This show is really good right now. No one really knows how anything is going to pan out, but everyone wants to end up w/ pots and pans… How far would you go to be remembered as a Reality TV Star? Mugshots should not be an option!

  11. Cynthia is so wishy-washy, who would even want her as a friend? No one can trust someone who spreads gossip all around and doesn’t even get the story right in the first place. Actually want does she bring to the show…..nothing!! Kenya is plain and simply an A_S, she will never be missed!

  12. Cynthia is not going to argue with an air-head she knows that wouldn’t be a fair fight. Porsha is now showing her aggressive side… instead of putting this behind her she likes the drama and she thrives from it.. move on air-head and do the right thing for once in your life….

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